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Welcome to Castlehaven

made by Lucas Fahrer

Chapter 1: The Start of an Adventure

The sun is slowly sinking behind the large Birchwood trees and throws large shadows over a large green hill on which multiple carriages were standing and a tall man with a young blond girl walk up the hill.

As Jasmin makes her way to the carriages, her father Lucius follows behind her. He places a comforting hand on her shoulder and says, "Your mother would be so proud of you, Jasmin. You're going to do great things at Castlehaven."

Jasmin turns to her father and gives him a small smile. "Thanks, Dad. I'll make sure to make her proud."

Lucius nods, his expression turning serious. "Remember, Jasmin, to always trust your instincts and never give up. The world can be a dangerous place, but I know you'll be able to handle anything that comes your way."

Jasmin nods, feeling a sense of determination rise within her. They hug each other and Jasmin turns around walking besides the line of carriages and students while looking at them with her blue eyes while her long blond hair waves behind her in the wind.

She decides on a carriage and opens the door, inside the carriage was a young girl with long orange hair, mesmerizing green eyes and a touch of freckles on her face. She lifts her head from the book on her lap and looks at the door where Jasmin is standing and looking at her.

"Do you mind if I join you?"Jasmin asks with her warm soft voice and smiles at the girl.

"Please come in!" The girl says and glows up. "I almost thought I would have to fly all the way alone. I'm Lena, Lena Everdale." She politely shakes Jasmin's hand and smiles at her.

"Thank you! My name is Jasmin Lunaris." she response smiling and sits on the opposite bench and the two girls begin to chat excitedly about what their first year at Castlehaven might hold. Lucius watches from afar as the carriages begin to move, his heart filled with pride and a touch of sadness as he watches his daughter begin a new chapter of her life.

As the carriages made their way through the beautiful landscapes, Jasmin and Lena chatted excitedly about their hopes and dreams for their time at Castlehaven. They discussed the different classes they were excited to take and the magical creatures they hoped to encounter.

"I'm really looking forward to potions class," Lena said. "My mother is a potion maker and she's taught me a lot about it. I think I'll do pretty well in that class." Jasmin smiles "that’s good because I've never done a single potion." she confesses and looks out the window.

Jasmin couldn't help but feel a sense of wonder and excitement as she gazed out the window at the rolling hills and crystal-clear streams passing by. The sun was starting to set, casting an orange and pink glow across the sky, making everything look even more magical. Lena noticed Jasmin's gaze and looked out the window too, her eyes widening in awe. "This is incredible," Lena breathed. "I've never seen anything like it before." Jasmin smiled in agreement, feeling grateful to be able to experience such beauty with her new friend. They then pulled out their books and started studying, occasionally stopping to point out something interesting they saw outside or to ask each other questions about their studies.

As the carriages made their way floating up a winding path, Jasmin and Lena caught their first glimpse of Castlehaven. The castle loomed over them, with its high walls and turrets stretching up into the sky. The sun had set by now, and the castle was illuminated by the soft glow of hundreds of magical lanterns. Jasmin felt a sense of awe wash over her as she gazed up at the castle's many towers and halls.

Perched atop a small cliff, the castle stood as a majestic sentinel, surveying the lands below. To the left of the cliff, a breath-taking waterfall cascaded down into a crystal-clear pool, the mist from the falls creating a mesmerizing rainbow in the moonlight. The students marvelled at the beautiful scene as their carriages continued on the path, making a wide arc to the right, heading north toward the castle entrance.

Majestic trees lined the pathway, their leaves rustling softly in the gentle breeze. Jasmin and Lena exchanged excited glances, their hearts pounding with anticipation as they drew closer to their new home for the next several years. The carriages finally came to a halt at the edge of the courtyard, allowing the students to disembark and take in the full grandeur of Castlehaven.

As they entered the castle's massive gates, Jasmin and Lena were led down a long corridor lined with portraits of previous Castlehaven students. The portraits were animated, and many of them waved at Jasmin and Lena as they passed by. The corridor opened up into a grand entrance hall, with soaring ceilings and a sweeping marble staircase leading up to the upper floors.

Jasmin and Lena were greeted by a wise-looking wizard with a long beard and twinkling blue eyes. "I am Professor Alastor Evernight, Headmaster of Castlehaven." He welcomed them to the castle and gave them a brief tour of the grand hall, pointing out the various doors that led to the castle's many classrooms and halls.

As they walked through the castle, Lena and Jasmin began to bond over their shared sense of wonder and excitement. They chattered away about the magical creatures they hoped to encounter, the spells they wanted to learn, and the memories they hoped to make.

The students came to a stop in front of two massive doors leading to the grand hall, where all the other students were gathered to witness the new students' Sorting Ceremony. "Now, let me tell you about the Sorting Ceremony," the professor began.

He explained that the Sorting Ceremony involved navigating a magical Maze, which would evaluate their skills and abilities. At the end of the Maze, the crystals would glow in a specific color that represented their new house. The red crystals for Blaze, blue for Mist, green for Earth, and yellow for Storm.

Excitement and nervousness filled the air as the students were eager to find out which house, they would be sorted into. As they entered the dining hall, the room magically transformed into the Maze, with a Figure in the center representing the unity of the four houses – Mist, Blaze, Earth, and Storm.

One by one, the students were called up to enter the Maze. The paths within the Maze would change and reveal or hide based on who was walking through it. Each challenge assessed a different skill and ability, and the students were determined to do their best.

Finally, it was Jasmin's turn to face the Maze. She walked up to the entrance and began to navigate through it in order to reach a crystal at the center. The maze had four different paths, each one leading to a different coloured crystal. Jasmin kept walking and turned left when she started to see the blue glow. She knew that as soon as she touched it, she'd be in Mist. The Maze vanished, and Jasmin walked over to the Mist side of the room, taking her place among her new housemates.

Lena was up next, and she too faced the Maze with determination and skill. Jasmin watched, her eyes widening and her jaw dropping as the Maze vanished, revealing a smiling Lena with a crystal in her hands, the same shade of blue as Jasmin's. Lena looked over to the Mist side of the room and saw Jasmin smiling and waving at her. She quickly walked over to her and sat down next to her.

"I can't believe we're in the same house!" Jasmin whispered, smiling at Lena, who nodded in agreement and smiled back. They both turned their heads towards the center of the room to watch the other students complete their challenges. The Maze reappeared for each of them, and their crystals glowed in distinct colours, representing their respective houses.

As the Sorting Ceremony came to an end, Professor Alastor Evernight stood before the assembled students, his eyes filled with pride. "Congratulations to each of you on being sorted into your respective houses," he began, his voice echoing throughout the hall. "Remember, each house represents a unique set of values and strengths that make Castlehaven the diverse and vibrant community it is."

"In the house of Blaze, you will find students with passion, ambition, and determination. They strive for excellence, pushing themselves to achieve greatness. Their emblem is the fiery phoenix, symbolizing rebirth and renewal, and their colours are red and gold."

"In the house of Mist, students possess creativity, intuition, and curiosity. They explore the mystical and spiritual aspects of magic, always seeking new knowledge and expanding their abilities. Their emblem is the wise owl, representing wisdom and foresight, and their colours are blue and silver."

"In the house of Earth, patience, loyalty, and practicality are valued. Students are grounded, dependable, and have a talent for the more pragmatic aspects of magic. Their emblem is the steadfast bear, symbolizing strength and resilience, and their colours are green and brown."

"And finally, the house of Storm is known for its unpredictability, passion, and energy. Students are adventurous and impulsive, embracing the more dynamic and explosive aspects of magic. Their emblem is the fierce dragon, embodying power and intensity, and their colours are black and gold."

Professor Evernight paused for a moment, letting his words sink in. "As students of Castlehaven, you are encouraged to embrace your individuality, use your talents to their fullest, and support one another. While friendly rivalry and competition exist between the houses, remember that we are all part of the same community, united in our pursuit of knowledge and magical excellence."

With that, the professor signalled the end of the Sorting Ceremony, and the students erupted in cheers and applause, eager to begin their year at Castlehaven.

 After the Sorting Ceremony was over, Amaia, a student from the House of Mist, approached Jasmin and Lena. "Congratulations, and welcome to the House of Mist," she said with a smile.

Amaia is a confident 5th year student from Mist. She stands at an average height with long, straight brown hair that falls down to her waist. Her brown eyes are sharp and observant, constantly scanning her surroundings as she moves. She carries herself with an air of confidence and poise that suggests she is used to being in control.

Amaia's features are sharp and defined, with high cheekbones and a strong jawline. She has a slender build, with long limbs that move with precision and grace. Her Mist house robes fit her perfectly, tailored to her form and giving her a sleek and polished appearance.

Despite her young age, Amaia carries herself with an air of experience and authority that suggests she is a force to be reckoned with.

Jasmin and Lena were still overjoyed to be in the same house, and they followed Amaia a long staircase upwards inside a tall tower to the Mist house common room. The room was dimly lit, with walls covered in tapestries depicting foggy landscapes and a misty pool at the center. There were also several tables and benches as well as several chairs along the wall.

"This is the common room for the House of Mist," Amaia informed them. "You can sit and relax, talk, study or play games in this room. But for sleeping, we have the dormitory where two students will be sleeping in and given how happy you two look for being in the same house, you will be thrilled to hear that you will even share the same dormitory." She smiles at Lena and Jasmin both happily looking at each other.

They followed Amaia up the wooden staircase to the top level of the tower, where the first-year dormitory was located. As they entered the dormitory, they gasped in amazement. The high roof of the room was magical, showing the night sky above them. The stars shone brightly, and the moonlight illuminated the room. The beds were made of wood and were carved with intricate designs. Each bed had a curtain for privacy, and there were two large wardrobes for them to store their belongings.

"This is amazing!" Lena exclaimed, looking around the room. Jasmin nodded in agreement.

"I can't believe we get to sleep here," she said, walking over to the window to get a closer look at the stars. "It's like we're sleeping under the stars."

Lena joined her at the window, and they both looked up at the sky in wonder. They could hear the soft sound of the wind outside, and the occasional hoot of an owl in the distance.

"I think we're going to love it here," Lena said, smiling at Jasmin. Jasmin smiled back "We sure will. Do you want to explore the castle together tomorrow?" she asks Lena. "I'd love to." she replies, feeling grateful and happy. They had made it to the House of Mist, and they had each other for company in this magical place. After wishing each other a good night they lay down in their beds and close their eyes feeling very cozy.

Mist House Symbol
Mist House Symbol

Chapter 2: First Encounter

The next morning Lena wakes up to the sound of birds singing outside, she gets out of bed and walks towards the window, she gazes at the beauty of the sunrise. The sky is painted in a gradient of warm oranges and pinks, and the sun has just peeked over the horizon. She takes a deep breath, it’s moments like these that make her grateful for being alive and experiencing the wonders of the world. She turns around and takes in the sight of the cozy dormitory room they share, with the morning light casting a warm glow over everything. She can hear the faint sound of Jasmin's soft breathing, and it's comforting to know that she's not alone. She slowly walks across the room to Jasmin's side and sits on the edge of her bed.

"Good morning," Lena whispers to her roommate.

Jasmin blinks and rubs her eyes before looking at Lena. "Good morning," she mumbles sleepily, running a hand through her messy hair. "What time is it?" she yawns.

"About eight o'clock," Lena answers. "Get out of bed already we wanted to explore the castle together." Lena tells her and Jasmin quickly sits up. "Oh right, I'm sorry let me get dressed quickly." Jasmin rushes to the bathroom and soon comes out wearing a white t shirt and black shorts.

"Lena hands Jasmin her Blue and silver robe representing the Mist house and after helping her putting it on the two girls leave the dormitory and walk through their common room and down the long round staircase.

Lena and Jasmin reach the bottom of the staircase, and Lena pushes open the large wooden door to the left-hand side leading to the outside world. As they step outside, Lena and Jasmin are immediately struck by the stunning view that greets them. They stand on the east side of the castle, facing the vast forest that stretches out as far as the eye can see. The early morning sunlight filters through the trees, casting a dappled shade over the forest floor. The air is crisp and cool, and they can hear the distant sound of birdsong mingling with the rustling of leaves in the breeze and they both take a deep breath, feeling the cool morning air fill their lungs.

To the right (North) of the castle, they can see the small village of Castlehaven nestled in a valley. The roofs of the buildings shimmer in the morning light, and smoke curls lazily from chimneys. In the distance, they can make out the glittering expanse of a lake, its surface rippling in the gentle breeze.

On the left side (South) of the castle, they can see the rolling hills of the countryside, dotted with fields and patches of wildflowers. In the distance, a herd of horses can be seen galloping through one of the fields, their manes and tails streaming behind them.

The girls take it all in, feeling invigorated and excited to explore the beauty that surrounds them.

"This is truly a magical place." Jasmin says.

As Lena and Jasmin continue walking, they spot a lone old tree.

"Just look at this ancient old tree!" She adds amazed and points north-east at to the edge of the forest where an old large and wide tree stood.

It's thick trunk and twisted branches make it look like it's been around for centuries. As they get closer, they notice something odd about the tree. There's a pile of what looks like discarded objects leaning against its base.

Curiosity gets the better of them, and they decide to investigate. As they approach the tree, they can see that the objects are actually personal belongings - a backpack, a notebook, a scarf, and even an old watch. Lena picks up the watch and turns to Jasmin. "Do you think someone left these here?"

Before Jasmin can answer, they hear a rustling behind them. They quickly turn around to see a bulky guy standing there, a wicked grin on his face. "Well, well, well. What do we have here?" he sneers, eyeing the two girls up and down.

As the bulky guy, who they would later know as Dante, pulls out his wand, he flicks it with a swift motion, and a red spark shoots out of it. Lena screams in pain as the spark hits her hand, causing her to drop the old watch she was holding. Jasmin immediately steps forward to shield Lena from the bully's next move.

"Stop hurting her!" Jasmin demands, her voice shaking slightly and pulling her right hand into a fist.

Dante pauses for a moment, looking at the watch on the ground, and then back at the girls. His voice loses some of its previous menace as he says, "That watch... it's important to me. Don't touch it."

Lena grits her teeth, clutching her injured hand. She feels a surge of anger towards Dante for hurting her and for trying to intimidate them. "We didn't know," she says firmly, taking a step forward to stand next to Jasmin.

Dante's expression hardens as he takes another step closer, pointing his wand directly at the two girls. "Just leave it and get out of here," he says, his voice low and dangerous.

By accident, Lena steps on the notebook, that was lying next to Jasmin on the ground, causing Dante to snap. "Depulso!" he shouts, casting a strong Depulso spell that sends Lena flying.

She feels the blast wave from the Depulso spell knocking Lena off her feet and through the air next to her. She looks at Dante, who watches Lena fly through the air. In that moment, Jasmin turns slightly and starts to swing her right fist.

Lena slams back down on the ground and cries out in pain just as Jasmin's fist meets Dante's nose with a firm cracking sound. She can feel bones break under her knuckles as she watches Dante fall backward, momentarily stunned, bleeding all over his face from his broken nose.

Jasmin takes a step back from the unconscious bully, staring at him in shock. She hadn't expected her punch to have that much force behind it, and she's momentarily taken aback by the sight of him lying on the ground, blood trickling from his nose.

She turns her attention to Lena. "Lena, are you okay?" she asks, kneeling down beside her friend.

Lena winces as she moves her arm, clutching her elbow. "I'll be okay," she says, her voice shaky with pain. "It hurts, though."

Jasmin nods, looking worried. "Let me see." She gently takes Lena's arm, examining the bruises. "They look pretty bad," she says, frowning.

Lena feels Jasmin's soft hands and looks up into her face as she's inspecting her bruises.

"Can I try something?" Jasmin asks and looks at Lena who has tears in her eyes and one running down her cheek.

"Okey." Lena says and rubs away the tear on her cheek with her free hand.

Jasmin holds Lena's elbow with her left hand gently holding it still while pulling out her Wand with the right hand and pointing it at Lena's wound and mumbles, “Episkey”.

Lena stares with wide eyes at Jasmin and how she just healed her wounded elbow. "Wow! Thank you, Jasmin." she says.

Jasmin smiles and gives Lena a quick hug. "You're welcome."

Lena returns Jasmin's hug and Lena feels really good being hugged by Jasmin and she rests her head against Jasmin's shoulder.

"Thanks again Jasmin." Lena says.

Jasmin blushes and says nothing but realizes Lena isn't breaking out of the hug. She seems to cuddle herself onto Jasmin.

Jasmin's heart beats faster as she feels Lena cuddling into her, but she doesn't pull away. Instead, she wraps her arms around Lena and holds her close, feeling a sense of comfort and safety in the embrace.

After a moment, Lena pulls away, wiping her eyes. "We should probably get back to the castle," she says, her voice still shaky.

Jasmin nods, standing up and offering Lena a hand to help her up as well. "Yeah, let's go."

As they make their way back to the castle, the midday sun casts a warm glow over the grounds, making the grass and trees look lush and vibrant. The air is filled with the soft chirping of birds and the distant sound of students chatting and laughing.

Jasmin and Lena walk in comfortable silence, enjoying the beauty of the day and the quiet companionship of each other's company. Jasmin keeps her arm protective around Lena's shoulders, providing a sense of safety and comfort as they make their way back to the castle.

They walk past the herbology greenhouse and continue on, passing a few other students, but for the most part, the castle grounds are peaceful and quiet.

As they finally make their way back into the castle, they head towards the great hall to eat something. When Jasmin and Lena arrive inside the Great Hall, they take a moment to scan the room for an empty table. The hall is bustling with students, and the smell of delicious food fills the air.

As they sit and eat their lunch, Lena notices that Jasmin doesn't seem as happy as usual. "Hey, Jasmin, is everything okay?" she asks, concern in her voice.

Jasmin looks up at Lena, a small smile on her face. "Yeah, I'm fine," she says, but Lena can tell that she's not completely convinced.

"Are you sure?" Lena persists.

Jasmin nods, but Lena can see the uncertainty in her friend's eyes. Lena decides to change the subject and suggest something that might lift Jasmin's spirits. "Hey, why don't we go back to the common room after lunch and hang out? We can talk about our upcoming classes and maybe study a bit more before we explore again."

Jasmin's eyes widen at Lena's suggestion and sudden change of topic. "That sounds like a great idea," she says.

Lena finishes first and she watches as Jasmin finishes her plate as well before they both stand up and head towards the long round staircase leading to the mist common room.

Lena looks up at Jasmin and smiles gratefully. "Thanks again for everything, Jasmin," she says.

Jasmin smiles back at Lena, feeling a warm sense of happiness at her friend's words. "I'm glad you're no longer hurt." she says.

They reach the entrance to the common room, and Jasmin holds the door open for Lena, following her inside.

"Yeah, thanks to you." Lena says and she walks with Jasmin to the fireplace and sit down together on one of the bigger couches.

Lena takes a deep breath and looks at Jasmin. "So, what do you think about our upcoming classes? I'm really excited for Divination, but a bit nervous for Defense Against the Dark Arts while I don't think I need to explain to you my stance on potions class." She says and laughs.

Jasmin looks at Lena's green eyes and enjoys seeing her happy after such a day before she replies with, "I'm really eager to start Defense against the dark arts, learning and finding out about new spells is something I will always find fascinating. Especially if it’s for good." she holds on for a second before proceeding with, "I am not sure about divination if I'm honest, it sounds a bit boring but I'll give it a try and you know how many potions I made in my life, none." she smiles and the two girls keep chatting away and even started to study a little bit until the sun starts to set and the common room was illuminated with a warm golden glow through the big windows and Lena and Jasmin got up from the couch and walked over to the window to appreciate the beautiful sunset.

After the sun has disappeared Lena turns towards Jasmin, "I'm going upstairs, do you come too?" she asks her and Jasmin nods. they walk over to the wooden staircase and head upstairs to their dormitory,

Lena and Jasmin walk up the creaky wooden stairs to their dormitory, their footsteps echoing through the empty common room. Lena yawns, feeling the tiredness settling in after a long day of exploring and studying.

Once inside their room, they both start to get ready for bed. Lena pulls on her pyjamas and brushes her hair while Jasmin changes into her own pyjamas and takes a few moments to stretch and relax her muscles. Lena can feel her own muscles relaxing as well, feeling the fatigue from the day's activities.

As they climb into their respective beds, Lena turns to Jasmin with a smile. "Good night, Jasmin," she says, her voice barely above a whisper, feeling grateful for her friend's company throughout the day.

Jasmin returns the smile, "Good night, Lena," she replies, her voice soft and gentle.

As they turn off the lights, Lena feels grateful for Jasmin's friendship and the fact that they can rely on each other during tough times. She falls asleep with a sense of comfort knowing that Jasmin is by her side.

Blaze House Symbol
Blaze House Symbol

Chapter 3: Tarot Cards

As dawn breaks over Castlehaven, a flock of birds takes flight from the castle's towers, turrets, and spires. The sun rises above the horizon, casting its warm light upon the castle and the surrounding landscape. The soft, pink glow that envelops the castle gives way to a brighter, more vibrant light, signalling the start of a new day. For Lena and Jasmin, it means that classes are about to begin.

As the sunlight filters into the room, Lena stretches and rises from her bed. She turns to see Jasmin still asleep and walks over to her bed, softly calling her name. "Jasmin," Lena whispers, "it's time to wake up."

Jasmin stirs, blinking her eyes open as she adjusts to the light. "Good morning," she says with a sleepy smile.

"Good morning, sleepyhead," Lena replies with a grin. "We've got our first class today, Divination class to be specific."

Jasmin groans playfully, "I don't know how much I believe in divination; didn't the cards say I can sleep today as long as I want?" she stretches her arms and yawns while looking at Lena with sleepy eyes.

"Come on, you told me you'd try it!" Lena says and pulls on Jasmin's blanket.

As Lena persists in trying to get Jasmin out of bed, Jasmin's heart races with conflicting emotions. She knows that she has feelings for Lena, feelings that go beyond friendship, but she's too afraid to voice them. What if Lena doesn't feel the same way? What if their relationship changes and they're not as close as they once were? Jasmin can't bear the thought of losing Lena, so she clings tightly to the blanket, but eventually, the blanket slips through her fingers, leaving her vulnerable and exposed.

Lena's eyes wander over Jasmin's slender form, wrapped in blue and silver pyjamas from the mist house. Her long, slightly messy blond hair spills over the pillow, framing her delicate features and making Lena's heart skip a beat.

Lena smiles reassuringly at Jasmin, sensing her friend's apprehension. "I know divination isn't really your thing," she says, "but it means a lot to me that you're willing to give it a try."

Jasmin looks up at Lena, her heart swelling with affection. She nods, a small smile on her lips.

Lena hands Jasmin her uniform, the blue and silver colours matching her pyjamas perfectly, and watches as her friend gets dressed. Lena can't help but admire how beautiful Jasmin looks with her long, slightly messy blond hair falling in soft waves around her face. Jasmin catches Lena staring and blushes, but Lena just grins and playfully nudges her shoulder. "Let's go, if we rush, we might be able to catch something to eat on the way," Lena says, grabbing Jasmin's hand and pulling her out the door.

Lena and Jasmin hurry down the castle's winding staircases and through the bustling courtyard, dodging other students on their way to class. As they approach the Divination classroom, they hear the sound of Professor Willow's voice from within. Lena quickly pushes open the door, and she and Jasmin slip into the classroom just as Professor Willow begins to explain the day's lesson.

"Good morning, class," Professor Willow says, her voice carrying a musical lilt. "Today, we'll be exploring the art of tarot reading. Tarot cards can be powerful tools for divination, allowing us to gain insight into the past, present, and future. But they must be used with care and respect. Now, I want each of you to select a deck of tarot cards from the table at the front of the room and shuffle them thoroughly."

Professor Irene Willow is a tall, slender woman in her mid-thirties with dark hair pulled back in a neat bun. She has sharp features and piercing blue eyes that seem to take in everything around her. Her clothes are elegant and flowy, with lots of silks and chiffons in deep purples and blues. She has a calm and reassuring presence.

Once everyone in class had collected a deck of Tarot cards and starts to shuffle, she orders everyone to group up in pairs which leads to a lot of students walk around, especially groups of three are discussing which one of them shall find another partner and let the other two be a pair.

Lena and Jasmin use this time to walk around the classroom looking for a cozy place to sit down before all the best spots are taken.

They find an arrangement of soft pillows and decide to sit there, and Lena opens her book about divination while Jasmin inspects the room.

The Divination classroom is filled with an air of mystique and magic. The walls are painted a deep shade of purple and adorned with tapestries featuring astrological signs and symbols. Soft, glowing orbs of light float in the corners of the room, casting a warm glow across the space. The floor is covered in a plush, deep blue carpet that muffles footsteps and adds to the cozy atmosphere.

There are several tables scattered throughout the room, each adorned with a crystal ball and other divination tools and across the entire room where many different pillows on the floor placed.

As Lena shuffles her tarot cards, she explains to Jasmin how each card has a unique meaning and how they can be interpreted in numerous ways. "So basically," Lena says, "you can use the cards to ask a question about the future and see what the cards reveal. It's kind of like a puzzle that you have to piece together, we can start with yours and I can help you read them. simply draw three cards and place them in front of you."

Jasmin listens attentively, feeling a bit overwhelmed by all the information. She draws three cards from the deck and arranges them in a row in front of her. Lena studies the cards for a moment before starting to explain their meaning.

"Okay, so the first card represents the past, the second card represents the present, and the third card represents the future," Lena says, pointing to each card in turn. "In your case, Jasmin, the first card shows that you've recently overcome a challenge. The second card indicates that you're currently feeling uncertain or indecisive about something. And the third card..." Lena pauses, her eyes widening in surprise.

"What is it?" Jasmin asks eagerly.

"It's the Sun card," Lena says, grinning. "That's a really positive sign! It suggests that you're going to experience joy, success, and happiness in the near future."

Jasmin can't help but feel a rush of excitement at Lena's words. She's always been a bit sceptical of divination but seeing Lena so happy and enthusiastic about it is contagious. "That's amazing!" she exclaims. "I'm so glad I decided to come to this class with you."

Lena nods, her eyes shining. "Me too," she says softly. "This is the best day ever."

As Jasmin watches Lena grab her three tarot cards, she feels a sudden sense of curiosity. What will the cards reveal about Lena's future? She leans in closer, eager to find out.

Lena shuffles the deck of tarot cards, her heart beating a little faster with excitement. She draws three cards and places them in front of her, studying them intently. Jasmin watches her friend, curious to see what the cards will reveal.

"The first card represents the recent past," Lena says, pointing to the card on the left. "It's the Tower card, which suggests a period of upheaval and chaos. That's definitely been true for me recently."

Jasmin nods sympathetically, knowing that Lena has been dealing with some personal issues lately.

"The second card represents the present," Lena continues, pointing to the card in the middle. "It's the Three of Cups, which symbolizes celebration and joy. That's interesting, especially after what the cards revealed about your future, Jasmin."

Jasmin nods, a smile spreading across her face. She can't help but feel a sense of excitement at the thought of Lena experiencing happiness and success.

"And the third card..." Lena trails off, her eyes widening in surprise. "It's the Lovers card."

Jasmin's heart skips a beat as Lena's eyes meet hers. Could it be possible that the cards are revealing Lena's true feelings? She tries to hide her growing excitement, not wanting to jump to conclusions. Lena, however, can't contain her emotions and lets out a gasp.

"I... I can't believe it," Lena says, her voice barely above a whisper. "The Lovers card. It's...it's about love, Jasmin."

Jasmin's heart pounds in her chest as she watches Lena's face light up with a mix of emotions - excitement, disbelief, and maybe even a hint of fear.

Jasmin can feel her own heart racing, her mind spinning with possibilities. Could Lena really be in love with her? Or was it just wishful thinking on her part? She decides to take a chance and speak her mind. "Lena," Jasmin says, her voice soft and nothing more than a whisper but she can't get herself to say it. Lena's eyes widen while she looks into Jasmin's blue eyes and a huge smile spreads across her face. "Jasmin, I..." she starts to say, but then she's cut off by Professor Willow who announces the end of class.

After their divination class, Lena and Jasmin walked together towards the Great Hall for lunch. As they sat down and started chatting, a new teacher they had never seen before approached them.

He had a tall, imposing figure with a stern expression etched onto his angular face. His hair is salt-and-pepper, cut close to his scalp, and his piercing black eyes seem to bore into anyone he looks at. He always wears formal robes, which are black with silver trim, giving him an air of authority. His demeanor is cold and aloof, and he rarely smiles or shows any kind of warmth towards his students.

The teacher, named Professor Barnes, had been informed by Dante Grimstone that Jasmin had attacked him and broken his nose. Lena immediately stepped forward to defend her friend, explaining that Dante had actually started the fight and Jasmin had acted in self-defense. But Professor Barnes was unmoved and declared that Jasmin would be punished with a day of community service in the library. Jasmin, not wanting to make the situation worse gives in and stands up, "Let’s talk later okey?" She says looking at Lena who seems devastated by the situation. "Okey." Lena mumbles as she watches Jasmin walk behind the Professor and loses herself in the view on her long blond hair. She decides to go back to the dormitory alone and study while she waits for Jasmin to hopefully return soon.

Jasmin tried to take it in stride, seeing it as an opportunity to get to know the librarian and explore the vast collection of books.

As Lena arrived in the dormitory, she saw that Jasmin's bed was empty and first felt worried about her friend and then guilty that she couldn't do more to help her. She sat on her bed and tried to focus on her studies, but her mind kept wandering to thoughts of Jasmin and the unfair punishment she had received. Finally, as evening turned to night, Lena went to bed, hoping that Jasmin would return soon and that everything would be all right.

Jasmin had a good lengthy conversation with the Librarian Professor Theodore Stonebridge and they get along quite well after spending an entire evening together in the library where she was organizing the books other students just left there laying around on the desks and cleaning some quite dusty parts of the Library. It didn’t seem to stop with the available clean-up work.

After what felt like an eternity Professor Stonebridge claps in his hands and informs Jasmin that her punishment time is over and she should return to her dormitory before he thanks her for the excellent work she did and the pleasant conversations though the evening. "If I can help you with anything, please don't hesitate." He says and waves at Jasmin who smiles and waves back before leaving the Library.

She quickly walks through the castle and up the long staircase to the mist common room. She's worried Lena might be already asleep; she steps carefully up the wooden staircase until she reaches the top floor with the 1st year sign and opens the door to enter her dormitory.

Only lid by the moon shining though the magical invisible roof, Jasmin looks through the room and sees Lena laying asleep in bed with a book next to her.

Jasmin walks over to Lena, carefully not making any noise. She grabs and pulls the book about potions slowly out of Lena's hand and places it on Lena's shelf. She waits for a brief moment while admiring Lena peacefully sleeping. "Sleep well Lena." she whispers and walks slowly over to her own bed and switches into her pyjama before laying down under the blanket.

She's exhausted from the long day and quickly drifts off to sleep to the sound of Lena breathing which she is glad she can hear again, knowing she is here with her.

Earth House Symbol
Earth House Symbol

Chapter 4: The Smell of Love

The next morning, Lena wakes up before Jasmin and sits up in bed. She glances over at Jasmin's bed and sees that she's still sleeping soundly. Lena considers just waiting for Jasmin to wake up on her own and stretches her arms and legs before getting up from her bed.

She brushes her hair and switches into her school uniform while listening to Jasmin's breathing. She then walks over to Jasmin's bed. Lena gently reaches out and touches Jasmin's shoulder, shaking her lightly. "Jasmin, wake up," she whispers softly. Jasmin stirs slightly and opens her eyes, looking up at Lena with a sleepy smile. "Hey," Jasmin says, stretching her arms. Lena smiles back at her and steps back to get Jasmin's Robe while Jasmin gets dressed. As Lena hands Jasmin her robe, she says, "You'll be excited to know that we have Defense Against the Dark Arts class today!" Jasmin's eyes light up with enthusiasm. "Oh, I can't wait! I've been looking forward to this class all week," she exclaims. Lena nods in agreement and mentions that they should hurry up to get to class on time. Jasmin agrees and even suggests skipping breakfast to make sure they get there early.

The two girls quickly get ready and head out the door, making their way to the classroom. As they walk, they chat excitedly about what they expect to learn in class. Lena can feel her own excitement building up, knowing that they'll be learning new spells and charms that they can use to defend themselves against dark forces.

When they finally arrive at the classroom, they see that the door is already open, and the professor is waiting for them.

"Welcome to Defense Against the Dark Arts." Professor Ravenwood says to them after they enter the classroom.

He is a tall man with broad shoulders and a commanding presence. He has brown eyes and jet-black hair that is neatly combed back. There is a sense of mystery about him, but also a reassuring quality that makes you feel like you can trust him. His voice is deep and resonant, and when he speaks, it is with authority and conviction. He wears a long black robe with silver clasps and carries a wand at his side. He moves with a fluid grace that suggests he is a skilled duellist. Overall, Professor Ravenwood exudes strength, confidence, and a sense of deep knowledge and wisdom.

"Thank you!" Jasmin says excited and they sit down in the front row on the side of Professor Ravenwood and wait for the rest of the students to arrive for the class.

"Welcome to Defense Against the Dark Arts class. Please take your seats, first off let's have a quick introduction What's Defense against dark arts? Anyone?" he looks at the students and smiles. "Don't be shy, no wrong answers here."

"It's to prepare us against bad people wielding dark magic?" Jasmin asks with a shy voice."

"Exactly!" Professor Ravenwood says in a serious voice. "So, what is this dark magic?"

Jasmin raises her hand again and starts explaining, "Dark magic refers to those spells and curses used by wicked beings to harm others. They are all black magic and can hurt or kill someone. If I am not recalling it wrong." She says and Professor Ravenwood nods in agreement. "This is absolutely correct." He smiles at Jasmin. "Someone was studying before they started here, I see." Jasmin turns red and looks down on her book.

Lena giggles and comforts Jasmin by holding her hand and Jasmin smiles back at Lena.

"Ok then." Professor Ravenwood says and starts his introduction about the dark arts and has all students read some specific pages in the book about curses, charms and spells some of them most students have never heard of.

After reading a few chapters, much more than requested by the Professor, Lena and Jasmine discuss the pages they just read.

"What do you think this one means?" Jasmin asks Lena pointing at a page in the book.

"I don't know...Amplificare Maledictum?" Lena says and points at a word in the sentence.

"What does it say?" she asks her, and Jasmin looks closer at the word. "I've seen it before, but I can't recall, Professor?" She raises her voice and Professor Ravenwood steps next to their desk. "Yes Jasmin? How can I help you?"

"I wanted to ask if you could tell me what this word means." Jasmin asks and looks at him with pleading eyes. Professor Ravenwood smiles at Jasmin and takes a deep breath while thinking of how to explain it to her, he clears his throat and says with confidence, "it's rather advanced dark magic but knowing how curious students can get, It's called amplified curses that can allow a strong dark wizard or witch to increase the potency of their curses." he explains and looks at Jasmin who looks at him with wide eyes.

"Thank you, Professor! I am not fully found of the dark art in a way I want to pursue, but is it possible to apply this empowerment to other, more helpful spells?" Jasmin asks and the Professor looks at her in disbelief. "I've never had a student ask me about how to combine curse amplification with a normal spell to increase its potency." he admits, "But It could be possible if you know how to increase a Spells power."

Lena just looks at them talking and looks at the book again, feeling that Jasmin really wants to explore this. "Is there a way to try and understand a spell in a way one could master it and empower it?" she asks and Jasmin's eyes glow as she hears her ask this, realizing that Lena was showing interest in the topic too.

"I can recommend you to get the Book: Spells and how to form them, you can find it in the Library, if you know where to search or who to ask, if mastered you might be able to form spells at your own will and manipulate them in certain ways." he says but seems not fully convinced himself. "It's not easy lecture, but if you are really interested, that is the book you need." he says and leave the desk after the two girls thank him for his insights.

"So now that you all have read the pages" he stops for a second and smiles at Lena and Jasmin, "or way more than I asked you to."

Jasmin turns slightly red again and Lena just giggles.

"To defend yourself all you need to know is Protego, the protection charm, but don't fully leave your chances to it, you can't block everything with it, but luckily most spells will be deflected." he explains and starts to show that it can even be cast without a wand as long as the incantation of Protego is said correctly.

After practising the Protego spell for almost half an hour Professor Ravenwood seems satisfied and dismisses the class.

While walking out of the classroom Lena informs Jasmin about their next class and leads her to the potion’s classroom close by down the stairs.

Jasmin's head is full of this amplification curse stuff they just read and heard from Professor Ravenwood, but she tries to focus on the next class, she knows nothing about potions besides the trivial things Lena has told her and shown in her book, so she really needs to get a good start.

Lena loves that class, she already knew how to make some potions and she learned how to make new ones while studying at home, but even though she knows how to make them, she never had to gather the materials from scratch before. Luckily, that won't be required in today's class as Professor Sarb tells them to get a cauldron and get the ingredients needed to brew a minor healing potion, called the Sanatio potion.

Professor Sarb is a fair woman with a warm smile and kind eyes. She isn't particularly tall, but she still towers over many of her young students. Her long, curly hair is a deep shade of brown and is often tied back in a loose bun, revealing a pair of silver hoop earrings that glint in the light. She wears long, flowing robes that are always neatly pressed and have a faint scent of lavender. Despite her serious demeanor in the classroom, she always seems to be grinning slightly, as if she knows something the rest of the world doesn't.

Jasmin looks at her with shy eyes while watching how Lena seems to already know exactly what ingredients she's looking for, to make the Wiggenweld potion requested by Professor Sarb.

"Wow I knew you know how to brew potions but how do you know all these ingredients?" Jasmin asks her and follows her lead, grabbing one of all the ingredients Lena is grabbing.

"I just know what I need, I couldn't tell you what half of these things are." Lena confesses with a smile.

"I'm just glad to have you with me so I can learn from you and not embarrass myself blowing up my cauldron." Jasmin says and watches Lena who shows her exactly which ingredients and how much of it she has to add to her cauldron.

"I would love to teach you." Lena replies and explains her every step.

"Now you have to stir it gently until it starts to turn green." Lena tells her.

"Just like your beautiful Eyes?" Jasmin asks and giggles at her as Lena holds Jasmin's arm and shows her the movement.

"What... Yes." she replies and tries to not blush.

After stirring the cauldron for a while Jasmin realizes it turning green and shortly after Lena looks over into Jasmin’s cauldron and smiles at her.

"That’s perfect Jasmin." Lena says and they both fill a little bottle with their mixture and hand it over to Professor Sarb who inspects each bottle.

"Those are really fine Sanatio potions, you both did a good job, please study the Strength Potion until next class, otherwise have a nice rest of the day, you are finished here." she says and both Girls walk out of the classroom thrilled with the result.

As they walked out of the Potions classroom, Jasmin turned to Lena and gave her a grateful smile. "Thanks so much for helping me in class today, Lena. I don't think I could have brewed that potion without your guidance."

Lena returned the smile, feeling a warmth in her chest. "No problem, Jasmin. I'm always happy to help." She paused for a moment before continuing, "Hey, why don't we go outside and watch the sunset? It's really beautiful from the castle grounds."

Jasmin's eyes lit up at the suggestion. "That sounds wonderful, Lena. Let's do it!"

The two girls made their way outside and walked towards a grassy area in front of the castle. As they left the building, they caught a glimpse of the old tree in the distance, its twisted branches reaching towards the sky. They noticed Dante and a couple of his friends gathered around the tree, appearing to be talking or perhaps discussing something.

Lena and Jasmin exchanged a glance, remembering their earlier encounter with Dante at that very spot, before they continued walking around the castle to find a more secluded area on the other side. As they sat down, Jasmin couldn't help but admire the beautiful colours of the sky as the sun began to dip below the horizon.

Free from the sight of Dante and his friends, the girls tried to focus on the beauty of the moment and the enchanting atmosphere around them as the sun continued to set.

"This is breath-taking," Jasmin breathed out.

Lena smiled and leaned back on her hands. "Yeah, it really is."

They sat in comfortable silence for a few minutes, watching as the colours in the sky began to deepen. Lena turned her head towards Jasmin and smiled softly. "I feel like we haven't really talked about ourselves much, Jasmin. Would you be willing to share a bit about yourself?"

Jasmin looks at her and feels a warm touch inside her, she smiles at Lena, "What would you like to know?"

Lena shrugged. "Anything really. Your family for example?"

Her question took Jasmin by surprise, and she had to think about her mother.

Jasmin's eyes turn misty as she struggles to hold back her tears. "My mother has passed away," she says in a soft voice, her voice barely above a whisper. Lena's heart sinks as she sees the sadness in Jasmin's eyes.

"I'm so sorry," Lena says, taking Jasmin's hand in hers and giving it a gentle squeeze. "I can't even imagine how hard that must be for you."

Jasmin looks at Lena gratefully and takes a deep breath, trying to steady herself. "Thank you," she says, her voice still quivering slightly. "It's been really tough, but I'm trying to stay strong."

Lena nods sympathetically, feeling a deep sense of empathy for Jasmin. "If you ever need to talk, I'm here for you," she says, giving Jasmin's hand another squeeze.

Jasmin manages a small smile, touched by Lena's kindness. "Thank you, Lena," she says. "I really appreciate it."

As the sun set behind them, the sky turning shades of pink and orange, Lena and Jasmin sat in a comfortable silence, enjoying the beautiful moment together. Lena's heart was beating fast, as she knew she had to tell Jasmin how she truly felt. The atmosphere was charged with anticipation and nervousness as Lena took a deep breath.

"I have to tell you something," Lena said, her voice trembling slightly. She wiped away a tear on Jasmin's cheek and took a moment to compose herself. "I know this may come as a surprise, but I have feelings for you, Jasmin."

Jasmin's eyes widened in surprise, but then a soft smile spread across her face as she realized what Lena was saying. "Lena, I had no idea," she said, her voice barely above a whisper. "But I feel the same way about you."

Lena's heart swelled with joy and relief, as she felt a deep connection with Jasmin. "Really?" Lena said, her voice filled with happiness. "I'm so glad you feel the same way."

They both leaned in, moving closer to each other, and Jasmin squeezed Lena's hand. "I think you're right," Jasmin said, her smile growing wider. "And, I could not be any happier than right now."

Their long blonde and orange hair gently brushed against each other as they learned in, their eyes locked in a passionate gaze. The sun had fully set now, leaving the sky awash with shades of pink, orange, and purple. Lena's heart was beating faster than ever before as she looked at Jasmin, her emotions overflowing with love and tenderness.

Their lips met in a soft, gentle kiss, and Lena felt all the emotions flood through her. She felt Jasmin's finger on her face, holding her close as they lost themselves in the moment. The warmth of Jasmin's lips against hers sent shivers down Lena's spine, igniting a fire inside her that she never knew existed.

As they broke apart, they rested their foreheads together, their breathing heavy and laboured. Lena looked into Jasmin's eyes and saw the same desire burning within them. "I never want to let go," Lena whispered, her voice filled with longing and love.

Jasmin smiled at her, her eyes shining with happiness. "Me neither," she replied, her voice soft and tender. They both knew that they had found something special in each other, something that they never wanted to let go of.

They held each other close, their long hair intermingling in the gentle breeze. The world around them faded away as they lost themselves in each other's embrace. For that moment, nothing else mattered, as they savoured the sweet taste of their first kiss.

Storm House Symbol
Storm House Symbol

Chapter 5: Knowledge is Key

Lena woke up with a smile on her face, feeling the warmth of the sun on her skin. She opened her eyes and noticed the sun peeking through the window, casting a golden glow in the room. As she turned her head to the side, she saw Jasmin waking up next to her, her eyes slowly fluttering open.

She leaned over and brushed Jasmin's hair back, admiring the way the sunlight played on her hair. Jasmin stirred slightly, and Lena's heart skipped a beat as she saw the drowsy look in her eyes. "Good morning, beautiful," Lena whispered, their legs touching under the blanket.

She couldn't help but feel a surge of happiness and contentment, knowing that Jasmin was right there next to her.

Jasmin smiled sleepily at Lena. "Good morning, Sweetie" she said, her voice still husky with sleep. "What time is it?"

Lena glanced at the clock on her bedside table. "It's almost 8, we have Transfiguration with Professor Ludwig today," she said. "We should go now." she adds and gets out of bed, Jasmin following her.

Lena and Jasmin quickly got dressed and headed to the Great Hall for breakfast before their Transfiguration class. As they walked, Lena noticed how the sun was shining brighter than usual, casting a warm glow on the castle walls. She felt Jasmin's hand slip into hers and smiled.

After the two girls finished with breakfast, Lena and Jasmin arrived at the Transfiguration classroom just as Professor Ludwig was taking attendance. They took their seats and got out their textbooks, ready to start the lesson. Professor Ludwig began by explaining the theory behind the transformation of objects, and Lena listened intently, taking notes. Professor Ludwig is a renowned expert in Transfiguration and has been teaching at Castlehaven for more than two decades. Despite his small stature, he commands a presence in the classroom, known for his sharp wit and no-nonsense attitude. His long, flowing beard gives him a distinguished look, and he is often seen stroking it thoughtfully as he lectures.

Students are both intimidated and in awe of Professor Ludwig's vast knowledge and expertise in the field of Transfiguration. He is a stickler for details, and his attention to every aspect of the subject matter is unparalleled. Although he can be stern, he genuinely cares about his students' success and is always willing to help them improve their skills. He is an inspiring teacher who challenges his students to strive for excellence, and his passion for Transfiguration is infectious.

Today's lesson is focused on a new technique that requires a deep understanding of the magical principles involved, and Ludwig believes that self-study is the key to mastering it.

To emphasize the importance of independent learning, Ludwig intentionally keeps the lesson brief, providing only a concise introduction to the theory behind the technique. He encourages his students to dedicate their own time to practicing and refining their skills, which will ultimately lead to a deeper understanding of the art of Transfiguration.

Eager to improve their grasp of the newly introduced concept, Lena suggests they take advantage of the extra time by heading to the library and gathering some additional resources on the subject. Jasmin agrees, and together, they make their way to the library.

As they enter the library, the girls are greeted by the sight of towering bookcases filled with countless volumes on every imaginable subject. Lena heads straight towards the section on transfiguration, while Jasmin wanders around looking for books on healing spells. After a while, Lena finds two books that catch her attention: one on transfiguration and the other on potion brewing. Meanwhile, Jasmin returns with a single book and a worried expression on her face.

"I can't find anything! Where are all the books about healing spells? I found one, and it only has one spell in it!" Jasmin complains to Lena.

"Did you ask the librarian for help yet?" Lena suggests. "I think my mother mentioned that healing spells could easily qualify for being in the restricted area of the library."

Jasmin nods and puts the first book about Episkey on the desk next to Lena before walking towards the librarian, Theodore Stonebridge. "Excuse me, do you know where I can find books about healing spells?" Jasmin politely asks the librarian.

"Indeed, healing spells, you say. I can bring you that. Anything else I can get you?" the librarian kindly responds.

"No, that's all I need," Jasmin says, who has completely forgotten about the Book Professor Ravenwood mentioned to them.

The librarian looks at her for a moment, but then he tells her to follow him into the restricted section of the library. Jasmin follows him, looking around at the books they pass. Suddenly, her eyes catch a strange blue glow emanating from a book on one of the shelves. She steps closer and reads the title of the book, "The Tome of Arcane Convergence."

Meanwhile, the librarian is using his wand to levitate the healing book down to him. Jasmin quickly grabs The Tome of Arcane Convergence and puts it inside her cloak, trying to be as inconspicuous as possible. She then turns around and walks closer to the librarian.

"Here it is, The Compendium of Magical Healing," he starts to hand it over to Jasmin but doesn't release it from his tight grip.

"This is not normal lecture, young girl. Use it wisely," he says while looking into her blue eyes before letting go of the book.

"I will, thank you," Jasmin replies and takes the book under her arm. She manages to sneak The Tome of Arcane Convergence all the way out of the restricted section and back to Lena, who is still reading her transfiguration book.

"I got another one," Jasmin says proudly and puts The Compendium of Magical Healing on the desk. "And I also stole a weird blue glowing book from the restricted section," she adds, whispering as she shows Lena the Tome of Arcane Convergence under her cloak.

"I wonder what it is about," Lena mumbles while looking around. "We better not get seen with the book if you stole it," she says, and Jasmin nods in agreement.

"Let me try something," Lena suggests, asking Jasmin to put the book on the bench next to her. Jasmin places the book down, and Lena takes out her wand, pointing it at the book. With a flick of her wand, she transfigures it into a blue glowing chess piece of a pawn.

"Here, that should be less obvious," Lena says, handing Jasmin the blue glowing pawn.

"Did you just learn that in the time I was getting the books?" Jasmin asks, amazed, as she takes the pawn without breaking eye contact with Lena.

"Yes, but I did practice it on the pillows there before, and it was surprisingly easy. I can teach it to you really easily. Just imagine the object in its new shape, and that's it," Lena explains. Jasmin eagerly takes out her wand and aims it.

Lena smiled as she watched Jasmin wield her wand with determination, the big red pillow in front of her beginning to transform before their very eyes. The once soft and plush surface began to shift and change, taking on a completely new form until it resembled a perfectly shaped red dice. Jasmin's eyes widened in surprise as she picked up the newly transfigured object, marvelling at the ease with which she had just performed the spell.

"I told you it was easy," Lena giggled, clearly pleased with her friend's success. "Now, let's head to the common room and get some reading done."

Jasmin nodded eagerly, already excited to put her newfound knowledge to use. The two girls made their way out of the library and towards the common room, the warm glow of the fire casting shadows across the room as they settled in with their new books.

As Lena and Jasmin delved deeper into The Compendium of Magical Healing, they stumbled upon a particularly intriguing section on the healing spells. Among them was a spell called Vulnera Sanentur, a unique spell that was categorized as a curse, despite its healing properties.

Excited to learn more about this spell, Jasmin eagerly read through the instructions while Lena provided additional insights. The spell was cast by imagining the wound healing and then uttering the incantation, but with the added requirement of precise wand movements.

As they dry-practiced the spell, Jasmin couldn't help but feel a sense of awe at the powerful magic they were learning. Despite its classification as a curse, the spell was a testament to the incredible healing abilities of magic, and she couldn't wait to use it in the future.

For the rest of the evening, they poured over the details of the spell, honing their technique until they believed, they know how to cast it flawlessly. As the night wore on and their energy began to wane, they retired to their dormitory, eager to continue their studies in the morning.

For Jasmin, it was a night filled with revelations and wonder. The more she learned about the nature of healing spells, the more she was convinced that magic truly held the power to change lives, and she was determined to master it with all her heart and soul.

As the night grew late and exhaustion began to set in, Lena and Jasmin made their way to the dormitories, walking both towards Jasmin's bed.

As the girls prepared for bed, they carefully placed their books on the shelf next to the bed, taking care not to damage the fragile pages. Jasmin stretched her tired limbs and yawned, feeling the weight of the long day finally catching up to her. Lena smiled sympathetically and offered to help her friend get ready for bed.

With a gentle hand, Lena brushed Jasmin's hair out of her face and tucked her into bed, making sure she was comfortable before settling down beside her. They exchanged a tired smile before snuggling up together under the warm blankets, feeling the comforting presence of each other's company.

In the dim light of the dormitory, they drifted off to sleep, the words of the healing spells still echoing in their minds as they embraced the restful embrace of slumber.

Lena Everdale 1st year Mist student
Lena Everdale 1st year Mist student

Chapter 6: Learning Spells Differently

As the morning sun filtered through the window, Jasmin slowly stirred awake, feeling well-rested and ready to face the day. She turned her head and saw Lena still sound asleep beside her, her chest rising and falling gently with each breath. Jasmin smiled to herself, feeling a warm feeling in her chest at the memory of their first kiss a couple of days ago. She leaned over and gave Lena a soft kiss on the forehead before gently nudging her awake.

"Good morning," Jasmin whispered, smiling as Lena stirred awake.

Lena yawned and stretched, rubbing her eyes sleepily. "Morning, Jasmin," she replied, giving her friend a warm smile.

They both got out of bed and stretched their limbs, feeling a bit stiff from sleeping in the same position for too long. Jasmin went over to the shelf and picked out her outfit for the day, a comfortable sweater and a pair of jeans, while Lena rummaged through her trunk for her own clothes.

Once they were dressed covered in the mists robe and ready, they headed out of the dormitory and made their way to the Charms classroom. As they walked, Jasmin took Lena's hand in hers, feeling a sense of comfort and familiarity in their touch. They chatted amicably about their plans for the day, discussing the upcoming Herbology as well as the magical Creatures class.

As they reached the Charms classroom, Jasmin gave Lena's hand a gentle squeeze, feeling a sense of affection towards her friend. Lena smiled back at her, and they both walked into the classroom, ready to learn and practice the intricacies of spellcasting.

"Good morning students and welcome to Charms Class." Professor Mathers says and walks over to his desk.

Professor Mathers is an old and wise-looking man, with a tall and imposing figure. His piercing grey eyes seem to hold a wealth of knowledge and experience, and they gleam with a mischievous spark whenever he's about to teach a new spell. His face is adorned with a neatly trimmed grey beard that adds to his distinguished appearance. He wears long, flowing robes that are adorned with intricate patterns and symbols that indicate his expertise in charms.

Despite his stern demeanor, Professor Mathers has a warm and kind heart, and he's always willing to help his students learn and grow. He speaks with a deep, resonant voice that commands attention and respect, and he has a knack for explaining complex magical concepts in simple terms that even first-year students can understand. He walks with a confident gait that suggests he's seen and done it all, but he never fails to be impressed by his students' creativity and ingenuity.

When he teaches, Professor Mathers likes to use a variety of props and demonstrations to make the learning experience more engaging and interactive. He has a collection of ancient artifacts that he uses to illustrate the history and evolution of magic, and he's not afraid to experiment with new spells and charms to keep his students on their toes. He's a firm believer in the power of magic to bring people together and solve even the most difficult problems, and he instils this belief in his students through his passion and dedication to the craft.

"Today we will start with a simple charm, the disarming charm, anyone know the incantation?" Professor Mathers asks and looks around.

"Expelliarmus." a Blaze student from the last row says.

"Excellent! Now if someone here would like to volunteer..." Professor Mathers continues and looks at the same boy.

"All right, sure" The same Blaze student with bright red hair stands up from his seat.

He has a lean and athletic build, with broad shoulders and a confident stride that commands attention. His eyes are a striking amber color, like flames dancing in a hearth, and he has a mischievous grin that suggests he's always up for a challenge. His red and gold robes flowing behind him as he walked confidently to the front of the class.

"Thank you, Mr. Firestone, ready?" The Professor asks him.

The Blaze student, Gregor, stood before the class with his wand raised, ready to face the disarming charm and nods. Professor Mathers took a step back and pointed his wand at Gregor's outstretched hand. "Expelliarmus!" he shouted, sending a jet of red light straight at Gregor's wand. The wand flew out of Gregor's grasp and spun through the air, landing neatly in Professor Mathers' outstretched hand. The class erupted into cheers and applause as Professor Mathers handed the wand back to Gregor. "Very well done, Mr. Firestone," he said, smiling. "Now, make pairs of two and practice," Professor Mathers ordered the rest of the class, and the students began to pair up. Lena turned to Jasmin and walked a few steps away from her, and they quickly positioned themselves facing each other.

"Are you ready?" Jasmin asked Lena with a smile.

"Of course," Lena replied, holding her wand tightly in her hand.

Jasmin raised her wand and shouted, "Expelliarmus!" Lena's wand flew out of her hand and landed in Jasmin's outstretched hand.

"Hey!" Lena exclaimed, laughing. "You're good at this."

Jasmin winked and handed Lena back her wand. "Your turn," she said, and Lena stepped forward to take her aim.

"Expelliarmus!" Lena shouted, but her aim was a little off, and the spell missed Jasmin's wand.

Jasmin laughed and said, "Nice try, but you need to work on your aim."

Lena nodded and took another shot, this time hitting Jasmin's wand dead-on.

"Excellent work!" Professor Mathers called out, pleased with the students' progress. "You're all doing very well. Keep practicing and remember to keep an eye on where your wands are flying."

"You really have to be precise when aiming this Spell." Lena says and requests Jasmin to let her try it one more time.

"All right that concludes it for today. Class dismissed." Professor Mathers says.

Lena grabs Jasmin's hand and they made their way back to the common room, eager to continue their studies in the Compendium of Magical Healing. Settling onto the plush couch, they opened the tome and continued where they left the night before.

"Okay, so to cast Vulnera Sanentur, we have to visualize the wounds healing," Lena said, flipping through the pages.

Jasmin nodded in agreement. "And we have to say the incantation while performing the precise wand movement," she added.

"Right, so we have to be really focused and precise," Lena said, looking up at Jasmin.

"Maybe we can try practicing the wand movements first, to make sure we have them right," Jasmin suggested, opening the book to the chapter on Vulnera Sanentur.

"Good idea," Lena agreed, taking out her wand. They spent the next hour practicing the wand movements together, making sure their gestures were precise and fluid. They visualized in their minds how the wounds would heal as they moved their wands through the air, trying to create a clear image in their heads.

As they practiced, they began to notice that their wand movements were becoming more fluid and natural. They could almost feel the magic flowing through their wands, and the visualization of the healing process became clearer in their minds.

"We're getting better at this," Jasmin said, smiling at Lena.

"Yeah, I can feel it too," Lena agreed, a sense of excitement building inside her. "Maybe one day we'll be able to heal someone with this spell. But hopefully we don't need." she adds.

"Yeah hopefully." Jasmin agrees. "Let me get the other Book." she says while getting up and walks into their dormitory. She grabs the blue glowing pawn and turns around only to see Lena in the doorway entering their dormitory too.

"Let us continue reading here." she says in her soft voice and sits on Jasmin's bed, looking over to Jasmin who just turned the pawn back into the Book of Arcane Convergence. Jasmin smiles at her and sits down on the bed next to Lena and they open the Book and start to explore the first few pages and smaller chapters.

The book delves into topics such as advanced spellcasting, dimensional travel, and the creation of magical artifacts. It explores the underlying principles of magic and the intricate relationships between different forms of magical energy. It also contains information about powerful magical beings, such as dragons and demons, and how they can be summoned or controlled.

Another chapter dives deep into Advanced potion-making and contains detailed instructions for creating powerful potions and elixirs, as well as information about rare and exotic ingredients that can be used to enhance their effects. Lena's eyes glow up reading through this chapter while Jasmin barely even understands a single word. But she feels how excited Lena gets and lets her read the things that catch her eyes.

After ending the potion chapter Lena feels really tired and she lays her head against Jasmin's shoulder and Jasmin gently pets her head and strokes her orange hair while hovering her eyes over the next pages.

In another chapter they read about Elemental magic and it contains detailed explanations of the four classical elements (earth, air, fire, and water) and their corresponding magical properties. It also contains spells for controlling and harnessing elemental forces, as well as cautionary tales of mages who have been consumed by their own hubris in attempting to master these powerful forces.

As they continue to explore the mysterious tome, they come across a chapter that seems to allude to powerful rituals and enchantments. The instructions are shrouded in cryptic language and hidden metaphors, making it difficult to grasp the full extent of their potential. Lena, with her keen magical intuition, senses that these rituals might hold the key to profound connections between individuals, though the specifics remain unclear.

Both Lena and Jasmin are growing tired and sleepy from their intensive study session, and their ability to focus on the complex information is waning. As Lena lowers her head to rests in Jasmin's lap, they only briefly glance over the pages, taking in the intriguing concepts without delving too deep into them before Jasmin closes the book barely holding her eyes open.

Jasmin places The Tome of Arcane Convergence on the space between her bed and the window and she looked down at Lena, who was sleeping peacefully with her head on Jasmin's lap. She didn't want to disturb her, but she also wanted to get some sleep herself. Jasmin carefully moved Lena's head onto a pillow, then slowly shifted her body until she was lying down on the bed next to her. She pulled a blanket over both of them and snuggled up close to Lena, feeling her warmth and the steady rise and fall of her breathing. Jasmin closed her eyes, feeling content and safe in Lena's embrace, and soon drifted off to sleep.

Jasmin Lunaris 1st year Mist student
Jasmin Lunaris 1st year Mist student

Chapter 7: Together Works Better

The sun was just starting to rise when Lena woke up to the sound of birds chirping outside. She smiled contentedly as she looked over at Jasmin, still fast asleep next to her. After a few moments of admiring her girlfriend's peaceful expression, Lena gently leaned over and planted a soft kiss on Jasmin's forehead.

"Good morning, my love," she whispered.

Jasmin stirred and opened her eyes, a sleepy smile spreading across her face.

"Good morning, Lena," she murmured, snuggling closer.

They lay there for a few more minutes, simply enjoying each other's company, before Lena sat up and stretched.

Lena and Jasmin quickly got dressed and headed down to the common room. They had a Potion class that day and wanted to get some practice in before they headed off. Lena had brought her book on Potions and was eager to try making a Strengthening Potion that she had read about.

As they made their way down the stairs, they bumped into Lucas, a fellow first-year student who was also in their Defense Against the Dark Arts class with brown hair and amber eyes.

"Hey guys, heading to class already?" Lucas asked, smiling at them.

"Not yet, we're just going to practice making a Strengthening Potion before we go," Lena replied, holding up her book.

"Oh, I see. Well, speaking of books, Jasmin, I've overheard you and Professor Ravenwood in Defense against the dark arts." he pulls out an ancient and grand tome, larger than any ordinary book, with a thick and heavy black leather cover that feels smooth to the touch. Etched onto the cover are intricate and mystical engravings, as well as mysterious runes that seem to pulse with a faint glow. The golden lettering on the cover spells out the title of the book, "Spells and How to Form Them," in a script that seems to dance and shift as if alive. Holding the book in your hands, you can feel the immense power contained within its pages, and as you open it, the air around you seem to crackle with energy.

Jasmin's eyes widened as she suddenly remembered. "Oh my gosh, the book Professor Ravenwood told me to get I completely forgot about it!

"You're most welcome if you return it for me afterwards and please don't tell Stonebridge how you got it" he says and hands it over to Jasmin who gladly accepts it and takes the ancient tome.

"Sounds fair to me!" Jasmin replies and smiles at Lucas. "Thank you!" she says and brings the book quickly back into her and Lena's dormitory before the two girls head near the potion classroom where the school provided some cauldrons and other brewing equipment. It was just the basics but was enough for most potions.

As Lena and Jasmin made their way to the Potion practise room, they saw another girl alone practising her brewing on one of the stations and the air was smelling really bad almost burning in the nose while breathing.

The girl was not looking happy. "No, what is happening?" She looks scared as she looks into her cauldron.

As the cauldron contents begins to bubble and froth, the air is filled with a pungent, acidic smell that burns the nostrils. The scent is a combination of rotten eggs and burning rubber, causing Lena and Jasmin to wrinkle their noses in disgust. As the mixture continues to boil, the sounds of the bubbling and hissing become louder, like a cauldron of boiling water on the stove. Suddenly, the potion starts to sputter and spit, shooting out of the cauldron in all directions. Causing the girl to scream and back off but she still got some of the liquid on her robes.

"Are you okey?" Lena asks as she and Jasmin arrive closer to the girl. "Yeah, I'm fine, stupid book can't be more unclear about what and how to mix it all together. I'm Amber" she says looking at them with her green eyes while pulling out her wand and cleaning her robe, "Scourgify." she whispers, and her robe suddenly looks like she had just been washed. "Let's also clean up this mess, Tergeo." She says and points at the mess on the floor, cleaning it all up.

"Handy spells." Jasmin and Lena both say as they watch Amber clean herself and the place before turning her attention towards them.

"Yeah, only if you keep messing up like I do." Amber says and looks down into her empty cauldron.

Lena approached Amber with a smile on her face. "Hey Amber, I noticed that you seem a little under the weather. Would you like me to show you how to make a minor healing potion?"

Amber looked up at Lena with a grateful expression. "Yes, please! I've been feeling a little off lately, and I could really use something to help me feel better."

"She's really good, she even managed to teach me how to make a potion and that says something." Jasmin says trying to cheer up Amber's mood.

Amber smiles and Lena walk her to the Ingredients. She explains her that only the garlic like root and the green mushrooms are required and the book fails to express the ease of access to some ingredients as it only lists rarer ones.

After successfully brewing the minor healing Potion Amber looks much happier than before and thanks Lena for her help.

"You're welcome, Amber." Lena says and offers her to also learn the strength potion with her and Jasmin together. To which Amber smiling agreed.

As Lena helped Amber and Jasmin to work on the potion, she couldn't help but feel grateful for the opportunity to share her knowledge and skills with her friends. They worked very well together but made a few minor mistakes that caused their mixture to do the same as it did for Amber before.

Amber also uses that situation to make sure to teach the two girls the two spells and let them practise them on the mess they've created.

"This makes causing a mess almost fun." Jasmin laughs and they tried again to make the potion.

After a few intense moments they could smell the distinct vanilla smell and saw their mixture turn silver and glow slightly.

"I think that’s it." Lena says and inspect the mixture while filling it into a potion.

They agree that its brewed correctly and fill some small potions for themselves before cleaning up and leaving the potion practise room together to attend their next potions class right next door.

While they walked outside where the light was brighter Jasmin and Lena see Amber much better, bright green eyes and long black curly hair and they also realize that she was from the Earth house. As the three girls walked into the potion’s classroom, they felt a newfound confidence in their potion-making abilities. Lena watched on as Jasmin and Amber expertly measured out the ingredients and stirred the cauldron with ease. The classroom was filled with the familiar scent of brewing potions, and the sound of bubbling cauldrons mixed with the scratching of quills on parchment as other students took notes.

Unlike their previous potions class, there was no sense of apprehension or fear of failure. The girls worked together in harmony, each contributing to the creation of the potion. As they added the final ingredient, the liquid in the cauldron began to change color, a sign that their potion was successful.

Professor Sarb walked over to their table and peered into the cauldron.

"Excellent work, ladies. You've created a perfectly brewed potion," she said with a nod of approval.

The girls beamed with pride as they bottled their potion and cleaned up their workspace. As they walked out of the classroom, they couldn't help but feel a sense of accomplishment and a newfound appreciation for the art of potion-making.

"Good job you two." Lena says as the three were walking their way to the mists common room where Amber waited with Lena outside until Jasmin returned with the Book in her hand and the three made their way to the library to inform Stonebridge about the Book from Lucas.

The girls entered the library and made their way over to the librarian's desk. Stonebridge looked up from his work and greeted them with a smile.

"Hello, girls. How can I assist you today?" he asked.

Jasmin stepped forward and held up the book. "I found this book." She says slowly, her fingers slowly moving over the Book cover. Feeling the fine engravings and runes under her fingers and doesn't make signs that she wants to hand over the book. "Professor Ravenwood recommended me this book and told me about the potential dangers behind it, can I borrow it?" she adds and looks at Stonebridge with pleading eyes.

"This book is from the restricted section! How did you just find this? this is dangerous lecture." He looks into Jasmin's blue eyes. "Professor Ravenwood recommended it to you?" he asks her and raises his eyebrow.

"I can't tell you who gave it to me, but you can ask Professor Ravenwood, please." Jasmin begs.

"Fine, how can I deny my favourite new student, but please, be careful." He says giving in and nods at Jasmin.

The Girls smile thankfully and leave the library towards the great hall to eat.

As Lena, Jasmin, and Amber made their way to the Great Hall, Lucas joined them from a different direction. The group exchanged greetings and small talk as they walked, but Lena couldn't help but notice the way Lucas kept stealing glances at Amber. She nudged Jasmin discreetly and tilted her head towards Lucas and Amber, silently communicating her suspicions.

After they finished eating Lena and Jasmin exchanged a glance and both of them stood up.

"I think we're going back to the common room until dinner. See you later." Lena says while starting to walk away and Jasmin waves quickly following her.

Once they arrived, they settled onto the couch and Lena turned to Jasmin. "Did you notice the way Lucas was looking at Amber?" she asked.

Jasmin nodded. "Yeah, I did. Do you think he likes her?"

Lena shrugged. "It certainly seemed that way. But we shouldn't jump to conclusions. We don't really know them well enough yet to make assumptions."

Jasmin nods and they sit on the couch near the fireplace and Jasmin puts the book into her lap and opens it. "I am excited to read this book." She explains to Lena who looks at Jasmin’s enthusiasm and smiles while resting her head against Jasmin's shoulder.

As Lena and Jasmin flip through the pages of "Spells and How to Form Them," they come across a chapter on advanced spellcasting. While they're not quite ready for those spells yet, they do find a section on spell variations that piques their interest.

They learn that by slightly altering the incantation or wand movement of a spell, they can create variations with different effects. For example, they discover that by saying "Scourgify Maxima" instead of just "Scourgify," they can create a more powerful cleaning spell that can even remove stains that are normally impossible to get out.

Excited by this new knowledge, they decide to practice creating their own spell variations with some of the spells they've already learned. They spend the rest of the evening experimenting with different incantations and wand movements, and even manage to come up with a few unique spells of their own.

one thing they managed to create was a sort of Hush Charm: This spell creates a small bubble of silence around the caster, muffling any noise they make. Lena and Jasmin might use this spell to have a private conversation in a crowded room or to avoid being heard by someone they don't want to overhear.

It's late when they finally call it a night. Lena and Jasmin are exhausted from all the practicing and reading, both of them yawned as they closed the book and put away their wands. It had been a long night of studying and practicing, and they were ready to get some sleep.

"I can barely keep my eyes open," Lena said, rubbing her tired eyes.

"I know, me too," Jasmin replied with a yawn. "But at least we got a lot done tonight. We're going to ace our exams."

Lena smiled. "Yeah, we definitely will. I'm so glad we have each other to study with."

Jasmin nodded in agreement. "Me too. And I'm really glad we're roommates. "What do you say we go to bed?""

After agreeing to go to bed, Lena and Jasmin stood up from the couch and stretched their tired muscles. Lena looked over at Jasmin and grinned. She grabs Jasmin's hand with one and the book with her other hand and starts to walk towards the door leading to their shared bedroom. Jasmin follows closely behind.

Once they reached their dormitory, they dropped their books and wands on the nearby table before Lena turned to Jasmin and hesitated for a moment. "Jasmin, would it be okay if we slept together in the same bed again tonight?" Lena asked, her heart pounding in her chest.

Jasmin smiled softly. "Of course, Lena. I would love that," she replied, patting the space next to her on the bed. Lena's face lit up with a grin as she sat down next to Jasmin, feeling a rush of warmth as their legs touched under the covers. They both settled in, facing each other, their eyes locking.

As they lay in bed, Lena turned to Jasmin and gently placed a hand on her cheek. "Jasmin, I just want you to know how much you mean to me," she said softly.

Jasmin's heart fluttered as she looked into Lena's eyes. "You mean everything to me too, Lena," she replied, taking Lena's hand in hers. Lena leaned in and gently pressed her lips to Jasmin's, their kiss deepening as they wrapped their arms around each other. They broke away, breathless and smiling at each other.

"Goodnight, my love," Lena whispered, nuzzling her nose against Jasmin's.

"Goodnight, Lena," Jasmin replied, snuggling closer to her. They drifted off to sleep, wrapped in each other's arms.

Chapter 8: The Duelling Competition

Lena and Jasmin woke up in their dormitory, feeling refreshed and energized. They got dressed and headed to the Great Hall for breakfast. As they were eating, they overheard some older students talking about a duelling competition that was going to take place in Castlehaven.

Lena and Jasmin were intrigued, then Jasmin points towards the Wall behind them where other students were gathered around a board with a Wand flying above it sparking colourful sparks into the air, visually promoting the duelling competition.

As they approached the advertisement, they noticed several names already written on the sign-up sheet. After further analysis they also spot the rules and Lena starts to read them. "students can compete alone or in duo's and can use any spell that doesn't leave permanent damage that cannot be healed back by known magic."

Lena's eyes light up with excitement as she reads further, "there will be one round each and the winners advance and the losers are eliminated from the competition until only one student or duo remains and wins it all. Only students of the same year can compete against each other."

Lena looks at Jasmin excitedly and asks her if she wants to sign up together and Jasmin nods instantly "sure why not?" Jasmin says.

They added their own names to the list and turned around, only to bump into a tall, confident-looking girl with bright brown hair.

"Hey there," the girl said, grinning at them. "I see you're signing up for the duelling competition. My name is Rachel, and I'm a sixth-year student from the Earth House. I love seeing young first-year students like you compete in these events. It's always exciting to see new talent emerge."

Lena and Jasmin smiled nervously at Rachel, feeling a bit intimidated by her confident demeanor.

Just then, another student approached the group. He was tall and muscular with spiky black hair and piercing blue eyes.

"Hey there," he said, nodding towards Rachel. "I'm Daniel, a sixth-year student from the Storm House. I heard you were signing up for the duelling competition. You're brave to take on such a challenge as first-years."

Lena and Jasmin looked at each other, feeling even more nervous now that two older students had taken an interest in their participation. But they also felt a surge of excitement at the prospect of learning from more experienced students.

"Thanks for your encouragement," Lena said, trying to sound confident. "We're really looking forward to the competition, I'm just a bit scared, we haven't been educated about anything more than Protego and Expelliarmus."

Rachel and Daniel exchanged a knowing look, as if they could see right through the girls' nerves. "Well, we'd be happy to help you prepare," Rachel said, a glint of challenge in her eyes. "We've got a few tricks up our sleeves that we could teach you."

Daniel nodded solemnly. "That's true, we do have a few secrets up our sleeves. We could show you how to use a stinging curse on your opponent, or a hex to incapacitate him mid-duel. You might think it sounds scary, but trust me, once you get a grip on the basics and worked your way up, you'll find yourself duelling like a pro."

Jasmin couldn't help but feel a surge of excitement at the prospect of learning new spells. "That sounds amazing," she said eagerly. "When can we start?"

"How about tonight?" Rachel suggested, lowering her voice to ensure she wouldn't be overheard. "We could meet in the room behind the sleeping mage in the west of the castle after dinner. It's the perfect place to practice without being disturbed."

She added, "To gain access to the room, you'll need to say something with 'dream' in the sentence, like 'Am I dreaming?' or 'You must be dreaming,' or even 'I had a dream...'. This will wake up the wise mage from his eternal enchanted sleep, allowing the portrait to open and grant you passage into the Dreamweaver's Room."

"Sounds intriguing," Jasmin said, feeling a bit more confident now. "We'll be there, behind the sleeping mage's portrait."

"Just be careful not to be seen when entering. We want to keep this place as secret as possible. If you can, try to slip in unnoticed." Daniel mentions with a serious face before they parted ways.

Lena couldn't resist taking one more look at the sign-up sheet. She gasped when she saw Rachel and Daniel's names together on the list.

"Hey, Jasmin, look!" she exclaimed, pointing at the sheet. "Rachel and Daniel are competing as a pair."

Jasmin looked over and her eyes widened as she was inspecting the Leaderboards of the previous years. “Wow, they're a really strong team," she said, impressed. "They were on the top of the leader board in the 5th year, and the year before in the 4th year too."

They decided to go outside the castle again as they had no classes this morning. As Lena and Jasmin sit on the grassy area outside the castle, they talk excitedly about the upcoming duelling competition and the opportunity to learn from Daniel and Rachel, who must be quite skilled. They can't help but feel a mix of anticipation and nerves, wondering how well they'll perform under the guidance of the two sixth-year champions.

While they chat, they observe the scenery around them, taking in the sights and sounds of their magical surroundings. They notice the old tree in the distance, and their eyes are drawn to a group of students gathered near it. Among them, they spot Dante, his broad figure unmistakable even from afar. As they watch, a girl with long black hair joins the group. Lena and Jasmin can't quite make out her face, but there's something intriguing about her presence.

Later, as Lena and Jasmin enter the great hall for dinner, they are greeted by the warm, inviting atmosphere and the mouth-watering smells of the evening's meal. They make their way towards the Mist table, taking their seats and eagerly beginning to fill their plates with the delicious food. As they settle in, they glance across the hall and notice Dante at the Storm table.

As they ate and chatted with their friends, they couldn't help but overhear Dante's voice from the nearby Storm table. He seemed to be talking animatedly about something, and his friends were listening intently, occasionally nodding or responding with a comment.

Curiosity piqued, Lena and Jasmin tried to pick up bits and pieces of the conversation without being too obvious. They could only catch snippets of the discussion, but it seemed to revolve around the old tree, some recent discoveries they had made there, and the upcoming duelling competition.

The girls exchanged a look, wondering what Dante and his friends could be up to and if it had any connection to their earlier encounter at the old tree. They knew that they would soon be learning duelling spells from Daniel and Rachel, two skilled 6th-year duelling champions, in preparation for the competition. For now, they decided to keep their distance and focus on their own lives, but the curiosity about what was happening with Dante and his friends lingered in the back of their minds.

After dinner, the two girls got up and walked past the duelling competition board.

“Let me see quickly.” Lena says and walks towards the signup list.

“Belladonna Rosethorn is the partner of Dante in the duelling competition.” She explained as they left the dining Hall and made their way to the Dreamweaver's Room, a place that would become their secret spot for studying and practicing magic. They walked through the dimly lit corridors of the west wing of the castle, searching for the portrait of the sleeping mage as Rachel had instructed them.

Upon finding the portrait in a small room between two corridors, they exchanged a glance and Jasmin whispered, "Am I dreaming?" The wise old mage in the portrait stirred from his eternal enchanted sleep, his eyes opening just a fraction. As the portrait swung open, revealing a hidden entrance, Lena and Jasmin stepped swiftly through the doorway after making sure nobody was around to see them.

As they entered the Dreamweaver's Room, they were amazed by what they saw. The space was massive and had been transformed into a magical arena, complete with all the equipment they would need to practice duelling and offensive spells. The dream-like ambiance added an extra layer of enchantment to their secret practice space, with softly glowing lights, floating objects, and murals of mythical creatures adorning the walls.

In the middle of the room, Rachel and Daniel were waiting for Lena and Jasmin. They were both dressed in their duelling robes and had their wands at the ready.

"Welcome to the practice arena," Rachel said with a smile. "This is where we come to hone our skills and prepare for the competition. Now, let's get started."

They start with the Stupefy spell, showing the girls how to properly cast it and explaining its effects. They then move on to other spells like Confundo, Levioso, and finally finish off with Depulso.

During the lesson, Lena and Jasmin are able to see first-hand just how powerful Rachel and Daniel truly are. But they also realize that the pair know truly little about duelling, which makes them eager to learn more. But they all decide that it was enough for today and finished for the night.

Jasmin and Lena head back to their common room and talk about what they've learned.

"I can't believe how much power those two have," Jasmin says to Lena. "And they don't even seem to be using their full potential!"

"Neither do I," Lena answers, shaking her head. "they are really experienced and I enjoy learning from them a lot."

"Me too," Jasmin adds. "Daniel and Rachel have this ability to make you feel comfortable and relaxed around them, but at the same time they are super strong and knowledgeable. It's amazing! Also, I'm glad that you're interested in duelling because I want to become a great dueller like them. And we have to work hard if we ever hope to reach their level." she says and Lena smiles while agreeing with her. "We truly are Mist students. We are born to dedicate a lot and grow from it."

Lena and Jasmin are sitting together in their common room, talking for a long while about the duelling lesson they had earlier that evening before finally deciding to head into their dormitory and lay down on Jasmin's bed.

"I can't wait to start practicing with them," Lena says. "To be honest, I'm not sure if we'll ever be able to match their skill."

"Together we can achieve anything, Lena," Jasmin replies and pulls Lena close and moves the bed sheet over them.

The two girls are lying down, cuddling each other and talking until they fall asleep.

Chapter 9: Practise Makes Perfect

It is the morning of the next day and the two girls wake up refreshed after sleeping in for hours.

Jasmin is the first one to open her eyes and look at Lena.

"Good morning," she whispers and Lena smiles.

"Morning," she replies softly. "What time is it?"

"almost time for class, we've slept to long for breakfast, I hope you don’t mind but Defense against the dark arts is a good walk away, we should get going.

"No problem, I'm ready to go," Lena says and stands up.

"You don't need to rush on my account," Jasmin says. "I am perfectly happy to spend some more time with you."

Lena looks at her friend and feels something warm inside of her chest.

She leans in and kisses Jasmin on her lips. "But we should still try to make it in time." she blushes and grabs Jasmin's hand and they walk out of their dormitory through the mist common room down the big tower.

As they pass by the library, they spot Rachel and Daniel standing outside with a few other students and after Rachel spots them she walks over to the two mist girls.

"You are free after Defense against the dark arts, right? We wanted to continue practising with you, we think you could potentially win this year’s duelling competition." Rachel says.

"What do you mean 'potentially'?" Jasmin asks.

Rachel smirks and brushes off the question with a wave of her hand. "We just want to help you, really. It’s not like we have rivals who try to help other 1st year students." Rachel adds and winks at Jasmin.

Lena looks back at Rachel and stares into her eyes with a smile, Jasmin and Rachel stare at each other for a moment before Jasmin looks back at Lena and nods. "If the others get help, we should use it too, lets meet right after class and continue." Jasmin says and Lena nods in agreement. "Sorry to be rude but we are already short on time and should go to Defense against the dark arts." Lena says.

"Tell the staircase kindly your destination, trust me it will lead you where you need to be." Rachel says and waves them goodbye.

Lena nods and runs with Jasmin to the staircase where she says with her soft voice. "We must be at the classroom for Defense against the dark arts."

Suddenly the whole staircase starts to move and shift around while rearranging itself and before the two girls realize it the movements stopped, and they turned around.

They were standing in front of the corridor leading to the Defense against the dark arts classroom. "How did that happen?" Jasmin asks.

"I have no idea," Lena replies.

They walk through the corridor and open the door to the classroom. "We made it in time." Lena says.

"Just barely." Professor Ravenwood says and closes the door behind them with his wand. "Take a seat." he says and gestures to the chairs in the front row of the classroom.

Lena and Jasmin take their seats next to each other and look at the professor.

"Welcome to Defense Against the Dark Arts class, I am Professor Ravenwood, and today fitting to the start of the duelling competition, we will learn Confringo and Diffindo, now can anyone tell me what these spells do?"

Jasmin raises her hand while Lena raises her eyebrow in disbelieve.

"Yes Miss." He says and Jasmin take a breath and says it like a question, "Confringo launches a small fireball that explodes on impact?"

"Exactly!" Professor Ravenwood says, "Good job and about Diffindo?" He looks at Jasmin which shakes her head in silence. Then he looks over to Lena next to her and then proceeds to slowly look around the class. "Any guesses?" he asks almost hoping someone would at least try it.

"It sounds like cutting something." Lena whispers to Jasmin.

"Aha! Say it loud!" Professor Ravenwood says and points his finger in Lena's direction.

Lena turns red from the given attention and says shyly "It cuts something?"

"He grins and enchants a piece of chalk to write the incantations on the blackboard and with another swing of his wand a dozen of Apple flew down from the ceiling levitating above the students. Professor Ravenwood proceeds to show the students the wand movements and instructs them to practise both spells on the apples. "Slice them and explode them." He says while smiling.

Lena and Jasmin get their wands ready, and they concentrate hard on the movements. They try to make sure their hands and arms feel comfortable holding their wands, making sure that they can lift and point them without any problems. They are both doing excellent.

Then the apple flies through the air and they quickly follow the movements. As soon as Lena says "Confringo!", she releases a small blast of fire, and the apple explodes on impact.

"Very good Lena!" Professor Ravenwood says and looks at Jasmin.

"Ok Jasmin, now you have to try it." She says and Jasmin nods and concentrates again.

She swings her wand "Diffindo" and slices the Apple clean in two halves.

Professor Ravenwood smiles and says "very good, very good indeed! Now let us practice for a bit longer before we continue to the next topic."

"Confringo!" Jasmin says and her fireball flies almost across half the room and hits the Apple far away she was focusing on. "Yes." She celebrates quietly. "Good one Jasmin." Lena says and attempts to do something impressive as well.

She positioned herself and casts Diffindo and manages to slice 3 Apples at once two of them pretty much dead center.

Jasmin summons one of the sliced apple halves to herself and starts eating it as Professor Ravenwood the end of class announces.

Lena and Jasmin quickly leave and head to the west of the castle, knowing how to navigate the staircase now, they arrive in no time.

Lena and Jasmin were feeling more confident after learning new spells in class and were eager to put them to the test in the Dreamweaver's Room. As they made their way through the dimly lit corridors of the west wing of the castle, they chatted excitedly about what they had learned.

"I can't wait to see the look on David's face when I hit him with a Confringo," Jasmin said, grinning as they approached the portrait of the sleeping mage.

Lena laughed. "Keep on dreaming, we still have a lot to learn. They probably know more than just Confringo”.

The sleeping Mage opens one eye and they turned around to make sure nobody was around.

"You're right. I just feel so confident getting to know all these spells we learn; I am also really glad we learned that one Vulnera Sanentur spell in case things go south." Jasmin says and Lena nods as the Portrait opens and the girls rushed inside, the portrait quickly shutting close behind them.

As they stepped inside the room, they found Rachel and Daniel already waiting for them. Rachel held out her wand, and a shimmering magical barrier appeared in front of them.

"Today, we're going to work on duelling tactics and the use of some advanced spells," Rachel said, a mischievous glint in her eye.

Daniel nodded, his wand at the ready. "That's right. And to start, let's review the spells you learned in Defense Against the Dark Arts."

Lena and Jasmin nodded eagerly, and they began to practice Confringo and Diffindo under the watchful eye of their mentors. Rachel and Daniel gave them pointers on technique and timing, and soon the girls were casting the spells with ease.

"You're both doing great," Rachel said, smiling at the girls. "You've really improved since yesterday."

Jasmin beamed, a sense of pride and accomplishment filling her. Lena nodded in agreement, feeling grateful for the support and guidance of their mentors.

"Now, let's move on to some more advanced spells," Daniel said, "First up is Descendo."

He raised his wand and demonstrated the spell, causing a nearby object to sink slowly to the ground. Lena and Jasmin watched in awe as the object descended smoothly and gracefully.

"Descendo is a great spell to use if you need to bring something down gently or slowly," Rachel explained. "But be careful, if you use too much force, you could end up smashing whatever it is you're trying to bring down and you can also use it to smack down your opponent in a duel once you lifted them up from the ground."

Next, Daniel taught them Finite Incantatem, a useful spell for undoing other spells. "If someone casts a jinx on you, or you accidentally cast a spell you didn't mean to, Finite Incantatem can undo it," he explained.

Rachel then demonstrated Glacius, a spell that created a blast of icy wind. "This spell can freeze things in place but be careful not to freeze yourself or your teammates," she warned.

Finally, they moved on to Levicorpus and Liberacorpus, two spells that worked in tandem. Lena and Jasmin watched as Daniel lifted Rachel into the air with Levicorpus, then released her with Liberacorpus.

"These spells can be used to immobilize your opponent or even to free yourself if you're trapped," Daniel explained.

Lena and Jasmin practiced each spell under the watchful eye of Rachel and Daniel, taking care to use the proper technique and control. By the end of the session, they had mastered each spell and were feeling confident and prepared for the upcoming duelling competition.

But several hours of intense practice and learning new spells are showing their marks, Lena and Jasmin were exhausted. They bid farewell to Rachel and Daniel and made their way back to their common room.

Lena and Jasmin entered the Mist common room, exhausted but satisfied with their day's practice. The room was dimly lit, and the soft sound of rain could be heard outside. As Lena and Jasmin entered their dormitory, they were greeted with a cozy atmosphere. The room was also just dimly lit, and the only sound was the gentle patter of rain against the windowpane. Lena walked over to her bed and flopped down on it, pulling the covers over her body. Jasmin followed suit, climbing into the bed beside Lena.

Lena put her arm around Jasmin, and the two of them lay there in silence, watching the raindrops race each other down the window. The rhythmic sound of the rain was calming, and it wasn't long before Lena and Jasmin were drifting off to sleep.

The room was filled with the soft sounds of their breathing as they slept soundly, wrapped in each other's embrace. The rain continued to fall outside, but Lena and Jasmin were safe and warm in their little corner of Castlehaven.

Chapter 10: The First Duel

Lena and Jasmin woke up to the sound of rain still pouring outside, the rhythm of the drops against the windowpane creating a soothing melody. Lena shifted slightly and felt Jasmin's warmth against her. She smiled to herself, enjoying the moment of intimacy between them.

Realizing they had no classes for a while, Lena felt a sense of relief wash over her. She looked forward to spending some time with Jasmin, perhaps exploring the castle or practicing spells together. However, little did they know that the duelling competition was scheduled to start that day, and they only had a few hours to prepare.

Eventually, they reluctantly untangled themselves from each other and got dressed, still feeling the pleasant drowsiness of sleep. They made their way to the Great Hall for breakfast, dodging the groups of students that had formed in the halls. The dreary weather seemed to have cast a pall over the castle, and even the normally cheery students were subdued as they ate their meals.

As they entered the Great Hall, Lena and Jasmin saw the duelling cup had been moved to a prominent spot near the entrance. Seven gleaming trophies, each of varying size, were lined up next to it. Lena noticed that the smallest trophy belonged to the first years, while the largest belonged to the seventh years. The rain outside seemed to add to the solemn atmosphere, as if even the weather knew the gravity of the upcoming competition.

Lena and Jasmin couldn't help but feel a sense of excitement mixed with trepidation as they also saw the duelling schedule and got closer to inspect it. Lena pointed at the first year-Round One where both their names were written. "Look here, we're duelling against Kathrin Serenda and Gregor Firestone," she whispered.

"Wasn’t Gregor the one who demonstrated the disarming charm with Professor Ravenwood in Defense against the dark arts class, from the Blaze house?" Jasmin asked while looking over the Tournament schedule plan.

"Yes, I remember, he looked very confident. We better be careful," Lena replied, looking around the hall for empty seats where they could sit for breakfast. She grabbed Jasmin's hand, but Jasmin held her back before giving in and following Lena to a free place where they sat down and enjoyed their meal.

"Lucas and Amber are also competing, and if we both win, we'll face each other in the finals," Jasmin told Lena, who looked a bit worried by the news. Before she could reply, they felt a strong hand on their shoulders. They turned both around and saw the familiar face of Rachel.

"How are the nerves, girls?" she asked them, smiling confidently.

Lena and Jasmin looked at each other and smiled back.

"We're fine, but we're a little nervous since this is our first tournament," Jasmin replied.

Rachel smiled back. "You got this. Remember to keep moving so you aren't an easy target, always think a step ahead, but listen to your instincts and act upon them," she said, looking deep into each girl's eyes and getting closer, her arms around their shoulders pulling them in. "You got this, and you've got each other," she whispered and smiled at them. "We'll catch up with you after your duel but let me show you the arena in the Infinity Field."

The girls smiled back and nodded, feeling more confident with each passing moment. Their eyes widened as they heard about the Infinity Field.

They walked outside the castle, and Rachel cast a water-resistant spell on the trio that protected them from the rain. The drops just peeled off their robes, and as they walked, Lena and Jasmin admired the view of the forest to the right while also hearing flowing water from a river getting closer with the Bridge crossing him getting into their view.

Jasmin grabs Lena's hand and presses slightly while looking at her. "It's about to get serious." she says and Lena nods pressing Jasmin's hand reassuringly.

After they crossed the river through the old wooden bridge, they could see the Infinity Field. It was a sprawling expanse of flat land, shaped like an infinity symbol turned by ninety degrees, creating two distinct loops that were connected at the center. The field was surrounded by lush greenery and tall trees that provided a natural barrier and shielded the area from the rest of the castle. The grass was neatly trimmed and stretched out for miles, with no hills or bumps in sight. The area was devoid of any obstacles or structures, except for a few large rocks that were scattered around the perimeter of the field. Despite its plain design, the field had an air of majesty and grandeur, befitting of the notable events that took place there.

A big tent had been placed close to the Infinity Arena where the two rings meet. Inside the tent, there were multiple areas where the duellists could prepare themselves, injuries could be healed, and the audience could gather and follow the competition. As they walked closer, they saw some students and teachers already there, waiting for it to start. Meanwhile, more and more people arrived behind the three girls.

"In here." Rachel says and brings Lena and Jasmin to a small tent entrance to the side. "All right I think you still have some time but not a lot if you need anything let me know."

"Will you stay until it starts?" Jasmin asks and looks up at Rachel. "If you want me to, then I will yes. I know what goes through your mind. The first duel, will I get hurt? how does it feel? I know all these things to well. Trust me, you will be all fine and will return way more enthusiastically for the next round. This Poor Gregor won't know what comes at him." She smiles and goes once more through the spells and gives valuable advice to the two girls to start already with two plans. One for striking first and one to react onto a first strike from the enemy team.

Not too long after they started practising the sound of a deep horn fills the air for a few solid seconds. Rachel turns serious and calls the girls to her. "You got this, get out there and focus on this Gergor and the win will be yours. Good Luck Girls!" she says and holds the tent exit open for them.

"Oh wait, you are not allowed any magical help, I'm sorry, but I have to remove my Water resistance charm from you." Rachel explains and with a quick wand movement the two girls started to feel the rain soaking their robes. They accepted the rain and walked towards the right infinity loop holding their hands, Lena on the left, her wand in her left hand and Jasmin on the right, with the wand in her right hand.

As they looked through the rain to the other side of the infinity field, they saw Gregor and the girl whose name must be Kathrin.

a loud familiar voice fills the area as Professor Ravenwood starts to announce the duelling competition round. "Students and Professors, wizards and witches of Castlehaven, I welcome you to the first round of the annual duelling competition! Today, we will witness some of the most talented young magic wielders compete against each other in a display of skill, strategy, and agility.

But let me remind you, duelling is not just about defeating your opponent, it is also about showing respect, sportsmanship, and using magic responsibly. Our judges will be closely watching each duel to ensure that all spells used are within the bounds of safety and fairness.

So, without further ado, let us begin the first round of the duelling competition! May the best duellist win and may we all learn and grow from the magic that we will witness today.

In our first round we have Gregor Firestone and Kathrin Serenda testing their skill against Lena Everdale and Jasmin Lunaris, Remember to stay within the loops, Ready." He says after his Introduction and pauses briefly.

Lena and Jasmin exchange a brief glance before looking over at Gregor and Kathrin.

"Bow." he adds pausing again and waiting for each duellist to bow in respect for their opponent.

All four respectfully bow down and face each other again all holding their wands ready to strike.

"Go!" he yells and the crowd starts to make noise, cheering for their duellist team or just hoping for a good fight.

Lena and Jasmin let go of each other’s hand and step a few steps away from each other while still moving around slightly, ready to dodge.

As they stand ready to duel, the rain continues to pour down on Lena and Jasmin, drenching them completely and plastering their hair to their faces. The water streams down their robes, making them heavy and difficult to move in. Despite the discomfort, the two girls stand their ground, determined to give it their all in the competition luckily Gregor and Kathrin had the same environmental disadvantages as they had.

Kathrin and Gregor both quickly step forward their wands moving precisely through the air. "Flipendo!" Kathrin yells and a purple blast misses Lena only by a small margin as she jumps to the side and rolls over the ground her wet hair sticking to her face as she watches Jasmin block the Spell from Gregor. "Confundo" Jasmin says and launches a small red bolt at Gregor hitting him on the chest.

Gregor starts to seem confused and looks questioning at Kathrin. "Argh! Depulso!" she yells and a purple blast hits Jasmin who can't dodge in time and she gets knocked back several feet but manages to stay within the loop.

Gregor slowly seems to get his mind together and turns back towards Lena and Jasmin but before he realizes Lena's Expelliarmus hits him perfectly on his right hand and his Wand flies out of his hand, eliminating him from the duel.

"Diffindo!" Kathrin screams desperate to clutch it, but Jasmin was already back on her feet and quickly stepped close to Lena telling her to start Plan B, meaning Lena would fully focus on reacting and protecting while Jasmin would focus on attacking.

"Protego!" Lena yells and blocks Kathrin’s spell, right before Jasmin moves her arm forwards. "Confringo!" her small fireball hit Kathrin and sends her tumbling back while Lena sends a quick Depulso after her knocking her out of the loop completely.

Lena and Jasmin turn their heads at each other and smile proudly as they hear Professor Ravenwood’s voice again.

"And we have our winners! Lena Everdale and Jasmin Lunaris, Congratulations you two will move to the Finals for the 1st year students!"

After the duel ended and Lena and Jasmin were declared the winners, they hugged each other tightly, jumping up and down in excitement. The rain continued to pour down on them, their hair and clothes already completely soaked. When they finally calmed down, Jasmin pulled Lena towards her and leaned in for a kiss. The rain drops between their faces added a bit of extra magic to the moment. Lena melted into the kiss, feeling the warmth of Jasmin's embrace and the wetness of the rain against her skin. It was a beautiful moment, standing there in the infinity field, with the sound of the rain around them and the cheering of the crowd in the distance.

When they finally broke apart, they saw Rachel at the tent entrance with a smile on her face and the two girls walk over to her and they all enter the tent.

Rachel tells them their next duel was tomorrow and recommends them to rest while she makes their clothes dry and enchants them again with the waterproof charm she used earlier.

Lena and Jasmin thank her for everything and walk back to the castle hand in hand now protected from the rain they enjoy the walk and arrive soon at the castle entrance where they enter and after a short stop in the dining hall for dinner, make their way towards their common room to go to their dormitory.

The two girls take off their robes and fall onto Jasmin's bed, Lena snuggles onto Jasmin who pulls the blanket with her wand over them and they talk for a while about the duel and how exciting it was before they eventually drifted off to sleep while the rain drops outside slowly start to get more and more silent and then stop completely.

Chapter 11: The Morning After

Lena and Jasmin slowly open their eyes, feeling the warmth of the morning sun on their faces. They had slept soundly after the adrenaline rush of winning their first duel the day before. Lena stretches and sits up, looking around the room. The enchanted roof above them shows a beautiful blue sky with a few fluffy clouds drifting by. She turns to Jasmin, who is still lying down.

"Hey, Jasmin," Lena whispers, nudging her friend. "Wake up, it's a beautiful day."

Jasmin groans, still half-asleep. "Do we have to get up? Can't we just sleep in today?"

Lena laughs. "Come on, we need to get ready for the Finals. Plus, I want to know if Amber and Lucas won their match."

Jasmin finally sits up, rubbing her eyes. "Oh yeah, you are right. I hope they did. I really want to see them go against us in the Finals."

They got dressed and left the dormitory, heading down the round wooden staircase to the common room of the Mist house. As they arrived downstairs, they saw Lucas sitting on a couch, looking relaxed and happy.

"Good morning, Lucas," Lena said, smiling at him.

"Good morning, Lena, Jasmin," Lucas replied, waving at them. "Congratulations on your win yesterday. You both did great."

"Thank you," Jasmin said, blushing a little. "Did Amber and you win your match?"

Lucas grinned. "Yes, we did. It was a tough one, but we managed to pull through."

Lena and Jasmin exchanged a look, now sure that they would be facing each other in the finals. It was an exciting prospect, and they were both looking forward to it.

"Good luck to both of you," Lucas said, getting up from the couch. "I have to go and check with Amber. See you later in the Infinity Field."

"Bye, Lucas," Lena and Jasmin said in unison, watching him leave.

As they sat down on the couch, they talked about their strategy for the finals. They knew that they had a tough opponent in Amber and Lucas, but they were determined to do their best and win the tournament.

"Let’s grab breakfast and see then further?" Jasmin asks and Lena nods in agreement. As they arrived at the dining Hall they saw Daniel wave at them from the Storm side of the room, with free space to his left. He's already dressed in his duelling robes, ready for practice. They greet him and sit down to eat a quick breakfast. Daniel suggests a friendly two versus one duel to help them practice for the upcoming competition to which they agree.

Once they finish their breakfast, the three of them leave the Great Hall and head outside the castle to make their practise duel. The sun is shining and the cool breeze carries the scent of freshly cut grass. Lena and Jasmin take their positions on one side of the field while Daniel stands opposite them.

Daniel starts the match with a series of defensive spells, blocking every attack from Lena and Jasmin. Lena manages to land a few hits on him, but he quickly regains his footing and counters with a powerful stun, "Arresto Momento." he says and Lena suddenly can't move faster than slow motion and it feels like time is passing extremely slow for her while she watches Daniel easily handle Jasmin as he can focus only on her.

"You see, now my full focus is on you and there's no way you can surprise me." Daniel explains and displays it by lifting Jasmin up and sending her backwards a fair bit but careful not to drop her as he knows they have a big fight ahead. Lena comes back to normal speed as she feels the spell wear off but knows Jasmin would by now be out of the duel meaning he won't even need another stun.

"This is insane!" Lena says while they wait for Jasmin to walk back to them. "It's like you are completely out of the fight." She adds looking at Daniel who nods. "And when you finally can fight back its already too late." He replies with a grin, proud to have highlighted it so perfectly.

"I'm not going to lie, you two pack a punch but separated, seems to be you biggest weakness." He says as Jasmin arrives next to them.

"Can you teach us this spell?" Lena asks and he pauses for a moment before agreeing. He shows them the wand movement and how to say it correctly, "Arresto Momento." He says and the girls practise until noon when Daniel informs them about their Duel starting soon.

The three head over the path and the small wooden bridge to the Infinity Field and enter the tent like last time.

"I'm so glad it’s not raining anymore." Jasmin says and Lena smiles. "Are you good if I join Rachel upstairs?" Daniel asks and Lena and Jasmin exchange a short glance before nodding. I think we're good thank you. "Lena says and he waves smiling as he leaves to join Rachel in order to watch them from a better view at the top of the tent where the rest of the audience is sitting.

Lena sits down looking at Jasmin who couldn't stand still and was walking up and down in the tent her wand in her right hand ready to start the duel. As Lena watches Jasmin pace back and forth, she takes a deep breath and focuses on the upcoming duel. She feels the excitement and nerves building up inside her as she knows this match will be a big challenge for them.

She looks around the tent, noticing the posters of previous duelling champions hanging on the walls and the noise of the audience in the seating area above them. Lena feels a rush of adrenaline as she realizes that all eyes will be on them during the upcoming match.

As the time draws near, Lena stands up and walks to the exit of the tent and right as she reaches for the cloth to peak outside the loud horn signalling the start of the duel sounds through the air.

Jasmin walks up to Lena and slides her left hand into Lena's right. "Let's do this." She says and a confident look of determination shows on her face as she presses Lena's hand the two girls step outside. As Lena and Jasmin make their way towards the right infinity loop, there is a palpable tension in the air. Memories of their previous victory on this very spot flood back to them, but this time the atmosphere is different. There is no rainstorm to contend with, yet the anticipation is still just as high.

Lena and Jasmin share a nervous look as they approach their designated starting positions. They both know that this match will be more challenging than their previous one, and the absence of the rainstorm only serves to heighten the pressure they feel.

The field is quiet now, except for the sound of their footsteps on the soft grass. When they look across the infinity field, they can see Lucas and Amber in the distance walking to their positions when the voice of Professor Ravenwood once again fills the area.

"Welcome, welcome the Finals of the 1st year will be concluded right here, right now between Lena Everdale and Jasmin Lunaris who will face off against Amber Jade and Lucas Smithson." He starts and the crowd cheers and Jasmin can see Rachel and Daniel sitting up there with the other students and Professors.

"We want to see a fair and clean Duel, a Showcase of skill and determination. And with this make yourself ready." He says and looks at both sides of the infinity field.

Lena presses Jasmin's hand and they nod at each other.

"Bow." Professor Ravenwood says and all duellists bow down in respect for their opponent.

Lucas and Amber seem prepared and determined just like Lena and Jasmin do.

"Go!" he yelled, and the field was immediately alive with spells of different colours flying across it. The air crackled with energy as each spell was dodged and blocked from both sides. The wizards moved quickly, their wands a blur as they cast their spells.

Lena gritted her teeth as she tried to aim her spell at Amber, all the while avoiding Lucas's offensive spells. She muttered "Arresto Momentum" under her breath and watched as her spell hit Amber, causing her to freeze temporarily.

Jasmin saw the opportunity and joined Lena in casting the Levicorpus spell on Lucas. He managed to block one of them, but the second one caught him off guard, lifting him up into the air and leaving him exposed to another strike from the girls.

Lucas unable to free himself quickly muttered "Finite Incantatem," pointing his wand at Amber. The spell freed her from Lena's Time-Slowing Charm, and she wasted no time in launching an orange beam towards Jasmin.

Jasmin managed to block the spell in the nick of time, but the force of the impact sent her tumbling back to the ground. Lena seized the opportunity and cast a Depulso spell at Lucas, sending him flying out of their infinity loop.

The girls knew they had the upper hand, and they moved closer to each other to plan their next attack. They quickly discussed their Defense and offense combos, remembering the tactics that had worked so well for them in their last duel.

Amber, watching from the side-lines, knew that she was in trouble. She had seen their strategy in their last duel and realized that she didn't stand a chance in this one-versus-two situation. With a smile, she held her hands up in the air, conceding to the girls. She knew that she wouldn't be able to make a comeback.

"Amber Jade is conceding, I don't think anyone can blame her," Professor Ravenwood declares, his voice booming across the field. "The duels are normally over once one duellist is eliminated, and with this, our 1st champions are crowned."

The crowd erupts into cheers, clapping and hollering as Lena and Jasmin exchange a look of mutual pride and joy. Lena's eyes glisten with tears as she steps forward, clasping Jasmin's hand tightly in hers.

"Thank you, thank you so much!" Lena exclaims, her voice shaking with emotion. "I couldn't have done it without you, Jasmin. We make a great team!"

Jasmin grins, squeezing Lena's hand back. "You were amazing out there, Lena. I couldn't have asked for a better partner."

Professor Ravenwood smiles indulgently, watching the girls with a warm gaze. "Congratulations, Lena Everdale and Jasmin Lunaris," he says, nodding his head in approval. "You've proven yourselves to be skilled and formidable duellists. I have no doubt that you'll make your house proud in the upcoming inter-house tournament."

The girls beam with pride and excitement, basking in the glory of their victory as the crowd continues to cheer and applaud. They can hardly believe that they've won their first duelling tournament. Excited and proud of themselves.

Rachel and Daniel walk up to Lena and Jasmin as they were about to leave the infinity field after their victory. "Hey, congrats on your win! We were hoping that you two might stick around for a bit and watch our final too. It's still a couple of hours before it starts, as there are a few other finals that need to be concluded before ours, so you would have enough time to rest until then." Rachel said, smiling at the two girls.

Jasmin nodded in agreement, "Sure, we would love to watch you guys compete. Since we have some time to rest before then, we'll be back in a few hours."

"Great, thanks! It means a lot to us," Daniel said, beaming.

Lena turned to Jasmin, "We have some time to kill, what do you want to do?"

Jasmin thought for a moment, "Let's grab some food and find a good spot to rest in the castle." Lena agrees and they walked back to the castle.

They quickly make their way through the castle corridors, taking a shortcut through a hidden passageway that Lena had discovered when Jasmin was doing her punishment in the library. "Woah that’s cool." Jasmin gasps and follows Lena and they quickly reach the Mist common room entrance.

As they enter their dormitory, Jasmin heads to her bed while Lena takes a seat on her own. She rubs her temples, feeling the exhaustion from the duel settling in. Jasmin notices Lena's fatigue and suggests that they take a nap for a few hours to recharge before returning to the infinity field.

Lena agrees, and they both lie down on their beds, drifting off into a deep sleep. A few hours later, they wake up feeling refreshed and energized. They quickly get ready and make their way back to the infinity field, arriving just in time to catch the last few minutes of the final before Rachel and Daniel's match. As they settled down to watch the 5th year final, Lena's eyes widened in recognition. "Isn't that Amaia?" she asked, pointing towards a confident-looking girl with straight brown hair in the left infinity loop.

Jasmin nodded in agreement as they observed the intense duel. Amaia's partner cast a powerful spell that sent one of their opponents flying out of the infinity loop, leading the other to concede defeat. Professor Ravenwood's announcement soon followed. "Congratulations to Eirlys Faewyn and Amaia Hazel on winning the 5th year final," he declared, as Lena and Jasmin applauded along with the rest of the spectators.

"Attention students, it's now time for the final match of the day. I want to remind everyone that the seventh-year tournament will take place after the holidays due to the high intensity and danger it poses. We don't want anyone to be seriously injured before the break. Now, for the final match of the day, let's welcome our two last competing teams of the day." Professor Ravenwood pauses for a brief moment to let the crowd build up hype. "You all know one team, everyone knows them. They haven't lost a single duel in two consecutive years, our unbeaten, fearless duo, Rachel Meaddow and Daniel Ryder!" He really makes it sound dramatic the way he slowly says their names, stretching every vocal possible. "But this year we have strong competitors, some might say, too strong." He pauses again for a dramatic effect and continues, "The fierce Danthe Grimstone and one of the most determined witches I've ever talked to, Bella Rosethorn!" The crowd cheered, way louder than during any of Lena and Jasmin's duels, but that didn't stop the two girls from cheering loud for Rachel and Daniel as they saw Dante on the field, hoping for him to be the one flying across the field.

Professor Ravenwood made the regular introduction with Ready, bow, Go, and Jasmin saw Dante not really bow and more nod at the Rachel and Daniel. "I hate this guy" Jasmin whispers and Lena hold her hand comforting her. "Hopefully he gets his ass beaten!" she replies and the Duel starts.

Rachel and Daniel stare at their opponents, the dynamic duo of Bella and Dante, both looking like they were born to battle. Bella's jet-black hair flowed down her back as she scanned the area, her piercing grey eyes focused on Rachel and Daniel. Dante, with his sharp features and piercing brown eyes, exuded an air of confidence that made him appear almost untouchable.

The duel started with a burst of spells, the air filled with colourful sparks and loud bangs as the two teams fought fiercely. Bella and Dante proved to be a formidable team, working seamlessly together and never leaving an opening for Rachel and Daniel to take advantage of. Spells flew back and forth at a dizzying pace, with neither side gaining a clear advantage.

But then Dante's demeanor changed. He seemed to have lost his cool, and with a cold determination in his eyes, he began casting spells with increasing force and intensity. The spells he cast were dark and dangerous, meant to harm rather than disarm.

Rachel and Daniel, sensing the danger, changed their approach. They stopped trying to fight Dante and Bella head-on and instead began using defensive spells to protect themselves from Dante's onslaught. Bella, seeing this, took the opportunity to attack, casting spells meant to trap and incapacitate.

The battlefield was filled with chaos as the four wizards hurled spells back and forth, each one more powerful than the last. Dante, in particular, was relentless in his attacks, his eyes blazing with an intense fire.

In the end, it was Rachel and Daniel's quick thinking and superior strategy that won them the day. With Bella subdued by Daniel's clever use of a binding spell, Dante was forced to fight alone. Rachel and Daniel were able to hold their own against him, using their combined strength and skill to whittle down his defenses slowly but surely.

Finally, after what seemed like an hour of intense fighting, Dante fell to the ground, defeated. Rachel and Daniel stood victorious, panting and sweating but elated at their hard-won victory. The spectators cheered as Professor Ravenwood declared them the winners, but Rachel and Daniel could hardly hear them. They were too busy catching their breath and basking in the glory of their hard-fought victory.

"Who had ever any doubts?" Professor Ravenwood's voice slowly fills the area again. "Three consecutive victories in a row for Daniel Ryder and Rachel Meaddow, perhaps the most talented duelling team at Castlehaven." He says proudly and everyone applauds before he dismisses the Duelling competition for the day, saying again that the 7th Year Final will be after the holidays.

Lena and Jasmin went back to the castle after congratulating Daniel and Rachel, as they used Lena's secret passageway again to quickly get back to their common room and dormitory. As they reached the dormitory Jasmin started to mumble about Dante, how powerful he looked and how they faced him cluelessly that one day. She almost started shaking and Lena had to comfort her, telling her that they used to be clueless, and could now properly defend themselves.

"Are you sure Lena?" Jasmin asks her and looks Lena in the eyes as Lena leads them to her bed where they sit on.

"I don't think his spells where allowed and Rachel and Daniel had to react quickly. Besides, I think if we keep practising with the books we got, she points at the Spells and how to form them as well as on the Book of Arcane convergence. We could even beat him and fully explore freely without worrying about him." She says and Jasmin rest her head comforting on Lena's shoulder.

"You're right, we can't rest on this victory. We have to keep practising." Jasmin says and Lena nods.

"Any plans for the holidays?" She asks Jasmin as they lay backwards into the bed and discuss their plans for the holidays until night fully sets in and only the Moonshine illuminates their cosy room and they closed their eyes and fell asleep.

Chapter 12: Gathering Ingredients

Lena and Jasmin woke up together in Lena's cozy bed, the sun shining brightly through the window. They stretched their arms and legs, feeling relaxed and rejuvenated after a good night's sleep.

"What do you want to do during the spring holidays?" Lena asked Jasmin as she sat up in bed.

Jasmin yawned and snuggled into the blankets. "I'm open for suggestions as long as we stay in bed for a little longer today." she said with a mischievous grin.

Lena agrees with Jasmin's request to stay in bed for a little longer and they snuggle up, enjoying each other's company. They talk about their plans for the spring holidays, and Lena suggests that they could explore the nearby village of Castlehaven. Jasmin loves the idea, and they decide to get ready and head out for some adventure.

The girls got out of bed and got dressed, making their way to the dining hall to get some pancakes and coffee. As they ate, they discussed their plans for the upcoming week, both excited to have some time off from school and explore the magical world outside as well as inside of Castlehaven.

When they made their way outside the dining Hall Lena spots their names engraved onto the 1st year Duelling Trophy and she smiles proudly while following Jasmin outside and through the majestic wooden Gate of the castle's main entrance.

The air outside was refreshing and the sun was just about to peak over the top of the trees starting to throw a warm golden shine on the grass fields around the castle. To the north of Castlehaven, the dense forest begins to thin out, giving way to a sprawling valley that stretches out towards the horizon. The valley appears to be a natural wonder, its gentle slopes and undulating terrain seemingly sculpted by magical forces. At the edge of the forest, a magnificent old tree stands sentinel, its gnarled branches reaching out to the sky.

The two girls remember the old tree and avoid getting to close to it, especially now knowing the power and recklessness of Dante who was probably angry about losing the duelling final.

Just beyond the tree, the valley opens up, revealing a picturesque village nestled in its heart. The village is laid out in a haphazard fashion, with narrow streets winding their way between rows of quaint cottages and shops. Smoke drifts lazily from the chimneys, and the sound of laughter and conversation drifts on the breeze.

"So, you stay at Castlehaven over the holidays?" Jasmin asks while they make their way over the stone path through the friendly Valley.

Lena turns her head, slowly as she admires the view down into the valley and looks at Jasmin with a smile. "If you stay, I will." She grins and grabs her hand and they walked closer to the village entrance. Jasmin really feeling happy about Lena's response feels this exciting tingle in her stomach again as their hands slide into each other.

As Lena and Jasmin almost arrived, they saw a sign at the edge of town with the name of the village written in bold letters: "Raven's Hollow."

Raven's Hollow is a quaint little town located to the north of Castlehaven, nestled snugly in a valley between rolling hills and surrounded by lush forests. The town is small but bustling, with cobblestone streets lined with charming shops, cozy pubs, and quaint cottages.

One of the most popular attractions in Raven's Hollow is the Raven's Nest Inn, a cozy and welcoming establishment that serves up hearty meals and warm drinks to travellers and locals alike. The inn's warm fireplaces and rustic decor make it the perfect place to escape the chilly winter winds that often sweep through the valley.

Excited to explore this new place, the two friends quickened their pace, eager to see what the town had to offer. As they entered the cobblestone streets of Raven's Hollow, they were immediately struck by the charming atmosphere and quaint buildings that surrounded them.

Lena and Jasmin made their way down the main street, taking in the sights and sounds of the bustling village. They passed by a row of colourful storefronts, each one beckoning them to come in and explore.

The scent of freshly baked goods wafted from the bakery on the corner, and the sound of laughter and chatter could be heard coming from the nearby pub. Lena and Jasmin were filled with a sense of excitement and wonder as they wandered deeper into Raven's Hollow, eager to see what other delights the town had in store for them. They didn't have to walk far as their eyes got attracted by a bookstore that is a towering stone building with a large sign hanging above the entrance, featuring a beautiful illustration of an open book with magical symbols floating out of it. Lena and Jasmin are intrigued by the sign and decide to venture inside the Enchanted Pages Bookstore.

The Enchanted Pages is divided into different sections, each decorated with its own unique theme. Lena and Jasmin explore the section on magical creatures, marvelling at the stuffed phoenix perched on a high shelf and the dragon's egg nestled in a glass case. A mischievous-looking Quill scurries by, giggling to itself. Suddenly, they hear a rustling noise from behind one of the bookshelves, and a woman steps out, her curly hair bouncing around her shoulders. "Hello, my dears! Welcome to The Enchanted Pages," she says warmly, with a wide smile. "My name is Beatrice. What brings you here today?"

"Oh, hello there!" Jasmin replies. "We're just passing through town and we thought we'd pop in and take a look around."

"Well then, I hope you find everything to your liking," Beatrice says. "Uhm actually, aren't you students from Castlehaven?" She asks looking curious at the two girls.

Jasmin looks surprised. "Yes, we are!"

"Is that so? I would assume 1st year students?"

"That's right, but how did you know?" Jasmin answers.

Beatrice smiles again. "I'm here since many years and have seen many students come as young, excited children and leave as focused and educated adults." She says, "and you two really glow with this, adventures vibes you give off."

"Thank you," Lena says shyly. "Can you recommend anything special for students at our stage? We are first year students at Castlehaven and will soon enough have to face our first exams."

"Certainly," Beatrice replies. "One of the best ways to improve your knowledge is to read a good book, and I definitely suggest this one. It's called 'The Art of Transfiguration.' You can find it on the second shelf, fourth row, third book from the top."

"Oh, I've actually been working on transfiguration quite a bit lately, and I feel like I've got a pretty good handle on it. But I'm always looking for new techniques and tips." Lena says and Beatrice looks at her in slight disbelief but then she notices the Mist colours in the dimly lit room and grins.

"The book on transfiguration is a good start," she said, "but it won't teach you anything beyond the basics. If you're looking to truly master the art of transformation, you'll need to go deeper. Follow me upstairs."

Beatrice led them up a narrow staircase to a small loft area filled with rare and unusual books. In one corner, there was a section dedicated to transmutation and transformation magic. Beatrice explained that this was her personal collection and that the books contained ancient knowledge that had been passed down through generations of witches and wizards.

"But there's something even more special that I'd like to show you," Beatrice said, her eyes twinkling with excitement. "It's not in a book, but it's something that I've been studying for many years. It's a technique that allows a witch or wizard to transform themselves into a unique animal chosen by their spirit. It's not easy, but if you're willing to put in the work, the results can be truly magical."

Lena and Jasmin were intrigued and couldn't wait to learn more. They knew that this was a rare opportunity to gain experience from someone who had dedicated her life to the study of magic, and they were eager to see what secrets Beatrice had in store for them.

"We'd love to hear about it," Lena said as she looked around the small library, "but first we should probably get out of these robes."

"Of course," Beatrice replied. She took out a pair of scissors and began cutting away their robes. As they removed their clothes, Beatrice explained that this was a secret ritual that would allow her to show them something truly remarkable.

"Before we begin," Beatrice said, "I must tell you that this is very dangerous, and the consequences could be quite severe.

"When you transform, you merge with the animal spirit and become a part of it."

Lena and Jasmin listened attentively as Beatrice explained the process of transformation and the dangers that come with it. Beatrice handed them each a book on the topic and suggested they read up on it before attempting anything.

"As you study the material, you'll come across several ingredients that you'll need for the ritual. Some of them are quite rare and difficult to find, but I have a few ideas on where to start," Beatrice said.

Lena and Jasmin thanked her for the advice and left the bookstore, eager to begin their quest for the ingredients. As they walked through the town of Raven's Hollow, they made a mental list of the ingredients they needed and where they could possibly find them.

"I can't believe we're actually going to try this," Lena said with a hint of excitement and fear in her voice.

Jasmin, who was always the more impulsive of the two, grinned and said, "I know, right? This is going to be amazing!"

They spent the next few days searching for the ingredients and studying the material in the books. Lena was cautious and thorough in her approach, while Jasmin was more daring and adventurous. They complemented each other well and made a great team.

"It seems we require Fae Dust from a Forest Fae and Moonhair from a Mooncat." Lena concludes.

To collect the Fae Dust, Lena and Jasmin would have to venture into the heart of the forest where the Forest Fae reside. The Forest Fae are mischievous creatures and can be difficult to find, so Lena and Jasmin would have to be careful not to anger them. They would have to bring offerings of sweet berries and honey to gain their trust.

As they gathered some sweet berries from within and around Raven's hollow, they found a Shop with a sign: "You need it, we've got it!" on it. It had a magical appeal to it and when the Girls checked if they could see something inside, they were surprised to see basically only Honey Jar's. As that’s what they needed right now. So, they decided to open the door and after entering they stood in a small room with one small jar of Honey on a wooden post in front of them even though the building looked way bigger from the outside.

The Girls exchanged a confused look at each other but after shortly discussing the situation they decided that the Room might be magical enchanted to provide those who enter with what they need, but only as much as they really need and they decide to take the Jar of Honey.

As they closed the door behind them and felt the evening slowly arrive Lena suggests to get something to drink and wait for the night.

They found a nice little cafe and enjoyed their drinks and started chatting. "I'm not sure if I've told you yet, but my birthday is in two days." Lena says. Jasmin looks at her and smiles while putting down her drink. "You haven't told me yet, but I'm glad you do now, giving me two days’ time." She grins at Lena. "I had mine just before the start of the School year." Jasmin adds making Lena smile at her and they finished their drinks as the night settled it and started to walk towards the forest and finally stepped between the first trees.

The girls cast the spell Lumos on their wands to create a soft glow and began to make their way through the forest. Lena leads the way, her Wand in hand, as they navigate through the winding trails. Jasmin follows closely behind, clutching the jar of honey and the bag of sweet berries with her free hand. The sweet scent of the berries filled the air as they walked, their steps light and cautious on the leaf-covered ground. The trees towered above them, their branches reaching out to one another, creating a canopy of leaves that blocked out the moonlight. The forest seems to come alive at night, with the rustling of leaves and the chirping of crickets creating an eerie but calming atmosphere. As they walk, the girls keep their eyes peeled for any signs of the forest fae, hoping that their gifts will entice the elusive creatures to reveal themselves. Then finally they saw a faint light in the distance, and they knew they were close to their destination.

The Light started to move towards them and they could see the forms of a child monkey-human looking moth and figured that this must be a Forest Fae as her body was looking to be made out of branches and leaves while their short feet looked like roots hanging underneath them.

Jasmin slowly puts her wand away and opens the Honey Jar and holds it in one hand and the Bag filled with sweet berries in her other hand and holds them open for the Forest Fae. The Fae looked intrigued and hovered closer to Jasmin and picks the bag of berries and the Honey Jar with her root like feet out of Jasmin's hands and starts to eat from the Berries and the Honey while Lena and Jasmin just watch and observe, careful not to make sudden moves or noises. The magical creature seems to enjoy the tasty gift and lands between the two girls on the ground.

Looking down on the Forest Fae, they both spot the shimmering dust on the back of the Fae and Lena carefully pets the Fae which causes the dust to fall into her other hand which she holds smart where it would fall down to the forest ground.

The Fae seems to enjoy it and Lena manages to get her hand quite filled with this mystical shimmering Fae Dust and also sees the now empty Honey Jar, which she uses to put the Fae dust inside.

Jasmin watches and observes Lena and the Forest Fae as well as their surroundings as she feels unwell being here deep in the forest in the night even though they had an important task to do here.

"Lena, can we hurry?" She asks whispering and Lena looks at her friend then quickly at the Forest Fae before back at Jasmin and then nods before getting up and slowly backing off together with Jasmin until they felt comfortable to walk normally back the way they came from.

"That was amazing!" Lena whispers and has trouble holding back her excitement.

Jasmin grabs her hand and smiles at her, "It was truly magical!" she replies, "but there's still the Mooncat hair we need." She adds and Lena nods and starts to look upwards into the trees. "I haven't seen any yet but I know that they are really hard to see." Lena says and they both walk back to the edge of the forest and look around in the trees and on the grass field at the forest edge for moving shadows that didn't belong to the moving trees in the wind.

"This is impossible!" Jasmin groans, "Can't we just go to bed? I'm tired and there's no way we're going to catch one." she says louder than she wanted to. Suddenly quite close to Jasmin a big shadow like creature jumps up and starts to run away.

Jasmin already tired of spending so much time on this takes out her wand and aims at the running Mooncat. "Arresto Momento!" she speaks with a strong voice that reflects her emotion of slight anger and frustration. Lena quickly runs to the Mooncat charmed by Jasmin to almost freeze in time.

Lena literally pets the Mooncat until her hand is full of this deep black hair. She gets off and steps back as quickly as she ran to the Mooncat back to Jasmin.

They look at each other Jasmin relieved they got everything and could get some rest; Lena still thinks about how Jasmin's voice sounded and hopes that Jasmin isn't mad. She hates it when Jasmin is in a bad mood as it directly affected herself and how she feels.

They arrive back at Raven's Hollow and enter the Raven's Nest that was luckily open at any times.

Lena and Jasmin sit down on one of the tables resting their heads on their hands and arms as the Barkeeper walks over to them.

"You two look like you could use some sleep." He says while looking at them with a friendly smile.

They both lift their heads from their hands and Lena nods while Jasmin replies with a tired "Yes we do."

"Upstairs, third door to the left, I can't offer you a room each but if you are happy with that feel free to sleep there for tonight, free of charge." he says and bows slightly.

"Thank you very much! We'll take it," Jasmin says with a smile and takes Lena's hand and leads her up to the third door on the left.

She opens the door and the two girls entered a cozy modest room mostly made out of wood and some stone, with a really comfortable looking bed that can easily fir the two of them.

Jasmin sits on the edge of the bed and looks around to find something to put their things and sees a big empty chest and so they decide to put their things inside and then their robes on the lid of the chest to make themselves ready for bed.

Lena crawls in first and holds up the blanked for Jasmin to join her.

Jasmin crawls into bed and lays her head on Lena's shoulder.

Lena smiles and hugs Jasmin tighter and whispers in her ear "I'm glad we are back outside the forest that was creepy."

"Yes, it was, I got scared in there in the middle of the night. It was so dark." Jasmin replies and they wish each other a good night of sleep before they drifted off into their own dreams.

Chapter 13: Fox – Birthday – Curse

The next day, Jasmin wakes up in the late afternoon. As she opened her eyes to the bright lid room which gets illuminated through the window from the early afternoon sun, she sees and feels Lena's body on her and as she moves, Lena wakes up as well.

"Good morning, Sweetie." Jasmin whispers and moves Lena's hair out of her face. Did you sleep well? she asks her.

Lena opens her eyes and smiles at Jasmin. "Yes, very well indeed." she whispers and hugs Jasmin who adds a kiss on top of the hug.

After enjoying each other’s warmth and embrace they slowly rolled out of bed and got dressed in their robes again and gathered their belongings from the chest.

"Let's see back with Beatrice." Lena suggests and Jasmin remembers why they did all the hassle the night before. "Yes!" she replies remembering the Transmorphing stuff again and her eyes widen excited.

They leave the room and head downstairs where they thank the barkeeper again for the room before they head out of the tavern and quickly made their way over the cobblestone street to the Enchanted Pages store.

Once they arrived at the store, Lena and Jasmin enter and look around for Beatrice, but they don't see her anywhere so they decided to walk upstairs where they saw her already there waiting for them.

She had already prepared an old book with handwritten notes. As they approached the book, they could feel the magic emanating from its pages. Beatrice explained that they needed to study the book and its contents to prepare for the ritual of Transmorphing.

As they read through the pages, Lena and Jasmin felt their excitement growing. The notes were filled with detailed instructions and warnings about the potential risks of the ritual. They read through each page carefully, trying to absorb as much information as possible.

Finally, they felt ready to begin. They took out the Fae Dust and Moonhair, placing them in a small bowl in front of them. Lena and Jasmin held hands, focusing their minds and their magic.

Guided by Beatrice instructions they tried to put the gained knowledge from the book and especially the notes from Beatrice to the test.

Lena felt the inner urge to explore her animalistic side and couldn't help to think of her favourite animal, The Fox. Goosebumps started to fill her arms and legs as she started to slowly go down on her knees, her hair growing larger and larger and turning slightly more red until she finally finished Transmorphing and Lena stood there as a beautiful Orange red Ember fox, her Green eyes glowing in the light of the candles as she looked at Jasmin still standing there, trying to perform her own transformation. Jasmin looked at Lena, this majestic Ember fox right in front of her she can't fully focus and she feels a pair of white fluffy fox ears grow from her head.

Jasmin's heart sank as she realized she had failed to fully transmorph. She felt embarrassed and disappointed in herself, but Lena gave her an encouraging nudge with her Ember fox snout, reminding her that it was okay to make mistakes and that she could try again. Jasmin took a deep breath and focused on the instructions, feeling the urge to embrace her animalistic side and become one with it.

Slowly, Jasmin sank down on her knees, her hair turning a frosty white and her skin growing paler. She felt the familiar sensation of fur sprouting from her arms and legs, and she let out a deep breath as her transformation completed. Jasmin looked down at her new form, admiring the sleek white coat of fur that covered her body, and the piercing blue eyes that remained unchanged from her human form. She couldn't help but feel a sense of pride and accomplishment, knowing that she had overcome her initial failure and fully embraced her magical animal form. Lena let out a series of excited yips and barks, overjoyed to have a fellow fox by her side but Beatrice calms them down, reminding them that they still need to turn back into their human form to fully close the loop of this magical skill.

"To get into your new animal form you just embrace it and believe you are one." Beatrice starts to explain and Lena and Jasmin Lay down in front of her and wave their tails left and right listening to her every word. "In order to turn back into your human form, simply distance yourself from the thoughts of being one with it and go your separate ways." she end and Lena quickly got the hang of it and turned herself back into the innocent looking Girl she was. Jasmin also manages to transmorph back into the same determined young witch she was just minutes ago.

Lena and Jasmin looked at each other, amazed at what they had just experienced. They had known that magic existed, but to actually feel it and become a part of it was a whole new level of wonder. As they stood up, they couldn't help but feel a newfound sense of confidence and empowerment. Beatrice congratulated them on their success and told them that they were always welcome to visit, as the girls made their way out of the Enchanted Pages.

"What do you think, Jasmin? We run back to the castle in our new forms?" Lena asks her while smiling at her.

Jasmin grins, "You bet!" They quickly walked to the edge of Raven's Hollow where they turned themselves into their respective Fox form and started to run and jump over the green fields of the Valley. Jasmin always keeping a keen eye out for a good place to invite Lena to, as she only had this day to prepare something for Lena's birthday.

As they arrived on the castle ground, they kept running around as the Ember- and Icy fox are rather agile fast Creatures.

Jasmin spots the River again south of the castle which ends in a waterfall and decides to take Lena there tomorrow for a wonderful day together.

They enjoyed their new ability to turn into a Fox greatly but as the sun slowly started to set, they decided it’s best to grab something to eat before the dining hall closes and go to their dormitory, besides, the two are starving.

After enjoying a hearty meal, the girls quickly walked their way back to their dormitory in the Mist Tower.

They make themselves ready for bed and sit down on Jasmin's bed. Lena grabbing the Book of Spells and how to form them and they continue studying the creation of spells and how to wield them. But the trip to Raven's Hollow shows its signs and they do feel rather tired and decide to rest for tonight. Lena puts the book back on the side next to the window and lays down next to Jasmin who makes sure to not wrap herself to tightly around Lena and have her rest her head on the pillow instead of Jasmin.

The next morning, Jasmin woke up early as planned, to prepare a surprise for Lena. She quietly slipped out of their dormitory and went to the dining hall to grab a few things she knows Lena loves to eat in the morning and quickly made her way back to her dormitory just to enter it as Lena woke up.

"Happy birthday, Lena!" Jasmin whispered excitedly as she entered the dormitory, carefully holding a tray filled with Lena's favourite breakfast treats. She had managed to gather fresh fruits, warm pastries, and a steaming mug of hot chocolate, all arranged beautifully on the tray.

Lena rubbed her eyes, still drowsy from sleep, and looked up to see Jasmin's beaming smile and the tray of delicious food. She was genuinely surprised and touched by her friend's thoughtfulness.

"Thank you so much, Jasmin!" Lena said, sitting up in her bed. "This is amazing!"

Jasmin placed the tray on Lena's lap, and they both dug into the delicious breakfast, chatting and giggling as they enjoyed the morning together.

After they finished eating, Jasmin suggested they spend the day at the river south of the castle, which ended in a waterfall. Lena's eyes sparkled with excitement, and she enthusiastically agreed. They got ready for their day of adventure, filled with anticipation and joy.

When they finally arrived at the top of the waterfall, Lena and Jasmin were awestruck by the beauty that surrounded them. The water cascaded down the cliffside, creating a shimmering curtain of white and blue that sparkled under the sunlight. A rainbow formed in the mist, adding a touch of enchantment to the scene. The surrounding landscape was covered in vibrant green foliage, and the air was filled with the sweet scent of blooming flowers.

Lena and Jasmin settled down on a soft patch of grass near the edge of the cliff, their eyes locked on the mesmerizing sight before them. As they sat there, their hands gently brushed against each other, causing a spark of electricity that made both of their hearts race. They had always been close, but something about the magic of the moment made them realize that their feelings for one another were truly special.

Leaning in closer, Jasmin gently placed her hand on Lena's cheek, her eyes filled with warmth and affection. Lena smiled softly, leaning in as well. Their lips met in a tender, yet passionate kiss, a confirmation of the love that had been growing stronger between them. The breath-taking scenery around them seemed to magnify the intensity of their feelings, making it a moment they would never forget. Just as an unsettling rumble echoed through the area, causing the girls to break away from their intimate moment.

The ground beneath them began to tremble, sending small rocks and pebbles tumbling over the edge of the cliff. Lena and Jasmin exchanged nervous glances, uncertain of the cause of the disturbance. As they stood up to move away from the edge, the trembling intensified, causing Lena to lose her balance and stumble toward the cliffside.

Jasmin reacted quickly, reaching out and grabbing Lena's hand just as she was about to slip over the edge. With a surge of strength, Jasmin pulled Lena back to safety, but the force of her pull and the unstable ground caused Jasmin to lose her own balance.

"Help!" Lena cried, scrambling to reach her friend. However, it all happened too fast, and she could only watch in horror as Jasmin plummeted toward the rocky landscape far below. Her eyes widened as Jasmin's body struck the ground with a sickening crunch, sending up a cloud of dust.

"No!" Lena wailed, unable to accept the awful truth. She fell to her knees, sobbing uncontrollably, her heart breaking at the sudden loss of her dearest friend.

Jasmin lay lifeless on the ground, her silver dress torn and stained with blood, a pool of crimson surrounding her head. Lena could see that her friend's chest remained still, offering the undeniable truth that she was gone.

"Oh, Jasmin," Lena choked out, covering her face with her hands and weeping into them.

After a few agonizing minutes, Lena mustered the strength to face the heart-breaking scene before her once more. She couldn't believe it. Jasmin, her best friend, her love, was gone. She sprinted to the bridge that led down to the bottom of the cliff, her heart aching with every step until she reached Jasmin's motionless body.

Lena collapsed beside Jasmin, her sobs wracking her body as she clung to her lifeless friend. A part of her still clung to the hope that this was some cruel illusion, that Jasmin would suddenly rise and embrace her, reassuring her that everything was all right. But that comforting moment would never come again.

Lena's gaze fell upon the cliffside, desperately seeking any distraction from the devastating reality before her. It was futile. As much as she longed for an escape from the anguish, she couldn't tear herself away. Her tears flowed ceaselessly as she laid her head on Jasmin's chest, longing to hear her heartbeat just one more time.

"You're really gone," Lena whispered, her voice barely audible through her sobs. She pulled out her wand and aimed it at Jasmin, desperation clawing at her. "Episkey!" The green dust emitted from her wand merely flowed over Jasmin's body. "Episkey!" Lena's sobbing intensified, and she barely managed to choke out the incantation, "Vulnera Sanentur!" But nothing changed – Jasmin's body remained still and showed no signs of healing.

Lena's tears streamed down her face as she pleaded with Jasmin's lifeless form, begging her not to leave her alone in this world. Emotionally shattered and filling a void where her will to live once was, Lena broke down on Jasmin's body. Her mind reeled with the memories they had created together, her heart fragmented by the unbearable loss. All she could think of was Jasmin's warm smile when they first met, a moment that seemed like a lifetime ago.

In her desperation and grief, Lena's thoughts turned to the two powerful books they had been studying: "Spells and How to Form Them" and "The Tome of Arcane Convergence." She knew that the knowledge contained within those books might be the key to bringing Jasmin back. With her heart pounding and her breaths shallow, Lena gathered her courage and decided to attempt the impossible.

She raced back to their dormitory, tears streaming down her face like a river of sorrow and grabbed both books. Fuelled by determination and hope, Lena frantically searched through the pages, looking for any spell or ritual that might help revive Jasmin.

Finally, she stumbled upon an ancient and intricate ritual in "The Tome of Arcane Convergence" that claimed to have the power to bring someone back from the brink of death. The ritual required a deep understanding of the magical forces at play and the caster's unwavering will to see it through.

Lena rips out the page with the instructions and runs back all the way to Jasmin's body at the bottom of the cliff. She arrives breathless and the view of her friend’s dead body almost made her break down again, but she really was determined that this will work. She wasn't ready to let Jasmin go.

Lena knew that attempting the ritual was incredibly dangerous and could result in her own death or worse. But she also knew that she couldn't live without Jasmin, and she was willing to risk everything for a chance to save her even her own life.

With trembling hands, Lena carefully followed the instructions in the book, performing the ritual step by step. As she spoke the final incantation, the air around her crackled with energy, and a powerful surge of magical power coursed through her body.

As the ritual reached its climax, Lena felt an overwhelming connection to Jasmin's life force. She poured every ounce of her love, her strength, and her will into the spell, refusing to let go of the bond they shared.

Suddenly, there was a blinding flash of light, and the energy in the air seemed to be drawn back into Jasmin's body. Lena, exhausted and drained, collapsed next to her friend, her vision fading as she lost consciousness.

Unbeknownst to Lena, Jasmin slowly began to regain consciousness before her. As her eyes fluttered open, she noticed her friend lying almost lifeless beside her. Jasmin's heart ached as she realized the tremendous sacrifice Lena had made to bring her back to life.

With each passing moment, Jasmin's strength slowly returned, and she managed to crawl her way over to Lena. Her eyes filled with tears as she saw the toll the ritual had taken on her friend, who had poured nearly her entire life force into Jasmin's revival.

Desperate to help Lena, Jasmin cradled her friend's head in her lap, whispering words of gratitude and love. She could feel the faintest pulse, a testament to Lena's unwavering determination to save her. As Jasmin held Lena, she vowed to do everything in her power to help her friend recover, to repay the incredible sacrifice she had made.

Beneath the towering cliff and the cascading waterfall, Lena's shallow breaths gradually deepened, and her eyes slowly opened to meet Jasmin's tear-filled gaze. Their surroundings were serene, providing a peaceful atmosphere for the initial moments of Lena's recovery.

Over the next few hours, Lena's strength began to return, and with Jasmin's help, she managed to stand and take her first few shaky steps. Under the moonlit sky, the two friends made their way back to the mist tower of Castlehaven, where their dormitory awaited. Fortunately, they had a week without classes, allowing them to focus entirely on Lena's recovery.

During the following days, Jasmin stayed by Lena's side, tirelessly caring for her friend. She gathered healing herbs and plants from the castle's surroundings, using her newfound knowledge of their magical properties to create soothing remedies. Their bond grew stronger with each passing day, and together, they found solace in their shared experience.

As the week drew to a close, Lena's vitality continued to be restored. Her skin regained its color, and her eyes sparkled with life once more. The moment Lena was finally able to walk confidently by Jasmin's side, they both knew that their bond had been irrevocably strengthened by the immense love and sacrifice they had both demonstrated. Together, they had defied the impossible, and now they were ready to face whatever challenges life had in store, side by side, forever changed by this extraordinary journey.

Chapter 14: Soon Exams, 7th Year Finals

The enchanted ceiling of their room shimmered like a window to the sky, casting a soft golden glow that gently faded down the walls. As the morning light stirred them from their slumber, Lena and Jasmin lay entwined in a comforting embrace, their bodies nestled together like two pieces of a puzzle. The shared bed served as a testament to the bond they had forged through the intense experience and the week of recovery that followed.

Lena stirred first, her eyes fluttering open to find Jasmin's peaceful face just inches from her own. A tender smile graced her lips as she took in the sight of her best friend, her love, alive and breathing beside her. The memory of Jasmin's lifeless body at the base of the cliff still haunted her, but the gentle rise and fall of her friend's chest brought an overwhelming sense of gratitude and relief.

Jasmin, sensing Lena's gaze, slowly awoke, her eyes opening to meet Lena's loving stare. A sleepy smile spread across her face as she reached out, her fingers brushing against Lena's cheek in a tender caress. "Good morning," she whispered, her voice filled with warmth and affection.

"Good morning," Lena responded softly, her eyes shining with unshed tears. The weight of their shared experience and the knowledge of the sacrifices they had made for each other filled the space between them, creating an unbreakable bond that transcended words.

As they lay there, wrapped in each other's arms, the world outside seemed to fade away, leaving only the two of them in their sanctuary of warmth and love. The magical ceiling mimicked the beauty of the sky outside, providing a serene atmosphere for the two friends. The challenges of exams and the demands of their magical education would come soon enough, but for now, they simply enjoyed the moment.

Jasmin gently disentangled herself from Lena's embrace, her concern for her friend driving her to make sure Lena was truly all right. She carefully studied Lena's face, looking for any signs of lingering pain or weakness. To her relief, Lena seemed to be back to her old self, her eyes bright and her skin glowing with health.

"You're really all right?" Jasmin asked, unable to shake the lingering fear that had accompanied her throughout the week.

Lena nodded reassuringly, a small smile playing on her lips. "Yes, Jasmin, I'm fine. I promise." She couldn't help but appreciate the love and care Jasmin had shown her throughout her recovery.

However, Lena's gaze drifted to Jasmin, her eyes scanning her friend's body for any sign of injury. Even though there were no visible bruises or wounds, Lena couldn't shake the memory of the horrifying sight of Jasmin's lifeless form at the bottom of the cliff. It was a haunting image that would likely stay with her for a long time.

As if sensing Lena's concern, Jasmin took her hand and squeezed it gently. "I'm okay too, Lena. Really," she said softly, her eyes meeting Lena's with a reassuring smile.

Lena returned the smile, grateful for Jasmin's unspoken understanding. Together, they got up from the bed and prepared to face the day, their hearts still healing from the emotional scars left behind by their harrowing ordeal. They knew that they would continue to watch over and support each other, but these dark memories will likely stay forever.

As Lena and Jasmin left their dormitory, they walked hand in hand through the Mist common room, exchanging warm greetings with their fellow students.

Amaia, who had just returned from her holidays, greeted Lena and Jasmin as they met in the common room. "See you at the Infinity Loop later," she said with a hint of excitement. Lena and Jasmin exchanged puzzled glances, the weight of the recent dramatic event still fresh in their minds. They had completely forgotten about the 7th-year finals, Trying to mask their confusion, they just smiled and nodded before continuing on their way.

As they made their way to the dining hall, they couldn't help but notice a palpable buzz in the air. It seemed that everyone was excited about the upcoming Duellist competition grand finals of the 7th year students, which were scheduled to take place now that the holidays were over.

Upon reaching the dining hall, Lena and Jasmin filled their plates with a delicious breakfast spread and found a table where they could sit together. They chatted animatedly about their plans for the day, which included attending their first class after the holidays and preparing for the exams that were drawing near.

While they ate, a classmate approached their table, grinning ear to ear. "Hey, have you two heard? The 7th year student’s Duellist finals are happening tonight! It's going to be epic!" Lena and Jasmin exchanged excited glances, realizing that this must have been what Amaia was referring to earlier.

Knowing they couldn't miss such a thrilling event, they quickly finished their breakfast and decided to head to the library to study for their upcoming exams. Despite the excitement surrounding the duelling finals, they knew that their academic success was equally important.

At the library, Lena and Jasmin settled into a quiet corner, surrounded by stacks of books that they had carefully selected to help them prepare for their upcoming exams. They decided to condense their study session by focusing on the most challenging aspects of each subject.

For Transfiguration, Lena and Jasmin practiced visualizing various objects transforming into their new forms. They took turns describing objects to each other and challenged each other to quickly imagine the transformations. This exercise helped them hone their concentration and visualization skills, both essential components of successful Transfiguration.

In Potions, Jasmin needed to learn how to brew an Endurance Potion. Lena carefully explained the process and ingredients involved, pointing out any potential pitfalls or tricky steps. Jasmin diligently took notes and asked questions, committing the recipe to memory. Lena also shared her own experiences with brewing the potion, offering valuable tips and insights that she had gleaned from her previous attempts.

Finally, they turned their attention to Charms. To prepare for the exam, they decided to practice a variety of charms that could potentially be useful in adapting to the professor's task. They quizzed each other on the proper wand movements and incantations, ensuring that they had a solid understanding of each charm. As they practiced, they discussed possible scenarios that they might encounter during the exam and brainstormed strategies for using the charms effectively.

Throughout their study session, Lena and Jasmin supported and encouraged each other, taking breaks to share a laugh or a snack when they felt overwhelmed. By the end of the day, they both felt more confident in their abilities and better prepared to face their exams. With their shared determination and unwavering friendship, they knew they could overcome any challenge that lay ahead.

As Lena and Jasmin continued their study session, Dante Grimstone sauntered over to their table with a smug grin on his face. "Look at you two," he sneered, "studying away like a couple of nerds. Don't you have anything better to do with your time?"

Lena and Jasmin exchanged a glance, choosing not to engage with Dante's taunts. They knew better than to provoke him and decided to focus on their studies instead.

Before Dante could continue, a stern voice interrupted. "Mr. Grimstone," Professor Stonebridge said, appearing seemingly out of nowhere, "I would expect more respectful behaviour from a student of Castlehaven."

Dante's confident expression disappeared as he looked up at the imposing professor. "I was just joking, Professor," he stammered, trying to save face.

Professor Stonebridge raised an eyebrow. "Well, Mr. Grimstone, perhaps you should take a page from Lena and Jasmin's book and focus on your own studies. Exams are approaching, after all, and I'm sure you have plenty to prepare for."

Dante, thoroughly chastised, muttered an apology and hastily retreated from the girls' table. Lena and Jasmin exchanged a knowing glance, thankful for the professor's intervention. With Dante gone, they were able to refocus on their studies, even more determined to excel in their exams.

The incident with Dante, although unpleasant, had only served to strengthen Lena and Jasmin's resolve. They knew that hard work and dedication would pay off, and they were more committed than ever to achieving success in their exams, together. However, they couldn't help but feel a hint of unease at the possibility of Dante seeking revenge for the public humiliation he had just endured. They knew they needed to be vigilant and cautious in the coming days, while also maintaining their focus on their studies.

After spending hours in the library preparing for their exams, Lena and Jasmin decided that it was time to take a break and refuel. They packed up their books and parchment, sliding them neatly into their bags before leaving the quiet sanctuary of the library.

The two friends made their way through the corridors of Castlehaven, chatting and laughing about the events of the day. The incident with Dante still lingered in the back of their minds, but they were determined not to let it dampen their spirits. They soon reached the dining hall, where they grabbed a quick lunch and enjoyed each other's company while discussing their plans for the rest of the day.

Having finished their lunch, Lena and Jasmin decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather outside and go for a walk. They headed towards the castle's southern exit, where they crossed the old wooden bridge that led to the lush, green Infinity Field. As they walked, they talked excitedly about the upcoming grand finals of the 7th-year students' duelling competition, which would be hosted by the ever-dramatic Professor Ravenwood.

Upon reaching the edge of Infinity Field, they spotted the large tent that had been set up for the event. With anticipation building and a sense of excitement in the air, Lena and Jasmin couldn't wait to enter the tent and witness the thrilling duels that awaited them. But first, they needed to take a moment to appreciate the beauty of the castle and its grounds from this breath-taking vantage point as it still was a short while until the duel would start.

As Lena and Jasmin stood at the edge of Infinity Field, they marvelled at the breath-taking view of Castlehaven's south front. The intricate architecture of the castle, with its majestic towers and sweeping parapets, seemed to blend seamlessly into the lush landscape that surrounded it. The sight filled them with a sense of awe and pride to be part of such a prestigious magical institution.

After soaking in the stunning view, the two friends made their way to the entrance of the tent, excitement bubbling within them. The atmosphere inside was electric, as students from all four houses filled the stands, eagerly anticipating the grand finals of the 7th-year students' duelling competition. Lena and Jasmin climbed the stairs to the upper benches, where they found seats with an excellent view of the duelling platform below.

The finalists, Orion Skye from Storm House and Ivy Celeste from Mist House, would be facing off against Leo Asher from Blaze House and Sierra Jade from Earth House. As the pairs took their positions on the platform, it was evident that this would be a match for the ages, with each duellist boasting impressive skills and abilities.

Professor Ravenwood's voice boomed across the area, announcing the beginning of the duel. The air crackled with energy as the students unleashed powerful spells at one another, the relentless back and forth creating a dazzling display of magical prowess. The crowd gasped and cheered as each spell collided, sending sparks and flashes of light throughout the arena.

Despite the intense nature of the duel, there was a sense of danger and unpredictability, as the spells being cast were incredibly strong and potentially unsafe. Each strike was met with a counter, the contestants refusing to yield as they continued their fierce battle.

As the duel progressed, it became clear that this was no ordinary competition. The four finalists were locked in an epic struggle, pushing the boundaries of their magical abilities and leaving the audience on the edge of their seats. Lena and Jasmin watched in amazement, their hearts pounding in anticipation of the final outcome.

The duel commenced with a palpable tension in the air as Orion Skye and Ivy Celeste faced off against Leo Asher and Sierra Jade. The audience watched with bated breath as the contestants prepared to unleash their magical prowess.

Orion was the first to make a move, pointing his wand at Leo and releasing a massive fireball that roared through the air. Leo countered by summoning a powerful gust of wind, extinguishing the flames just in time and sending a shockwave rippling through the duelling platform.

Ivy, seizing the opportunity, directed a torrent of freezing air at Sierra, attempting to encase her in a solid block of ice. Sierra quickly summoned a protective barrier of earth that rose from the ground, deflecting the freezing attack and leaving a layer of frost on the dirt.

Leo, eager to retaliate, unleashed a series of small, yet powerful, explosions at Orion's feet. Orion managed to leap into the air, dodging the blasts as the ground shook violently beneath him. Before landing, Orion conjured a wave of water to douse the area in an attempt to hinder Leo's fiery attacks.

Meanwhile, Ivy and Sierra continued their fierce exchange of magical assaults. Ivy sent a barrage of sharp icicles hurtling towards Sierra, who countered by creating a whirlwind that swept the projectiles off course. Sierra then released a bolt of lightning from her wand, which Ivy narrowly avoided by conjuring a shield of shimmering light.

The duel intensified as the contestants demonstrated exceptional skill and creativity, manipulating the elements and conjuring devastating spells. The ground shook and trembled as fire and ice clashed, accompanied by the deafening roars of thunder and the blinding flashes of lightning.

The onlookers could only marvel at the raw power on display, unsure of who would emerge victorious as the relentless battle raged on, leaving the audience both awestruck and breathless.

As the intense duel continued, Orion and Ivy found themselves pushed to their limits, but they were determined not to give up. The air crackled with energy as the four combatants unleashed their most powerful spells, each trying to gain the upper hand.

In a coordinated effort, Orion and Ivy decided to combine their powers for a devastating attack. Orion conjured a swirling vortex of fire, while Ivy summoned a whirlwind of ice shards. The two spells merged, creating a raging tempest of flames and ice that hurtled toward Leo and Sierra.

Caught off guard by the combined assault, Leo and Sierra struggled to counter the attack. They managed to create a barrier of earth and fire, but the sheer force of Orion and Ivy's combined spell broke through their defenses, sending them flying backward.

The impact left Leo and Sierra dazed and disoriented. Seizing the opportunity, Orion and Ivy pressed their advantage. Orion unleashed a barrage of small explosions near Leo, sending him tumbling further away from the duelling Loop, while Ivy sent a powerful gust of freezing wind towards Sierra, knocking her off balance and further immobilizing her.

With their opponents neutralized, Orion and Ivy stood triumphantly on the Infinity Field, their victory now certain. The audience erupted into thunderous applause, marvelling at the exceptional skill and teamwork displayed by the victorious duo.

Orion and Ivy, breathing heavily but with smiles on their faces, raised their Wands in victory, basking in the admiration of their fellow students and professors. The intense, prolonged battle had come to an end, with Orion Skye and Ivy Celeste emerging as the undisputed champions of the 7th-year students' duelling competition.

As Lena and Jasmin left the arena, still buzzing with excitement from the incredible duelling competition they had just witnessed, they bumped into Amber Jade, a first-year Earth House student and friend of theirs. Amber's face was etched with a mix of pride and disappointment, and Lena and Jasmin immediately knew why.

"Hey, Amber!" Jasmin said, greeting her warmly. "How did you like the duelling competition?"

"It was amazing," Amber replied, her eyes shining. "But I can't help feeling a bit sad that my sister didn't win. She's in her final year, you know."

"Oh, we know," Lena said, giving Amber a sympathetic smile. "But Sierra did great out there, and she should be proud of what she accomplished."

"I know, I know," Amber said, nodding. "It's just that she's worked so hard for this, but I guess she could still win the inter-house tournament."

"Exactly!" Jasmin said, her eyes lighting up. "And you know what, Amber? You and Lucas also did a great job in our finals too. We were really impressed with your duelling skills."

Amber's face brightened at the praise. "Thanks, Jasmin. It means a lot coming from you guys."

Lena smiled at her two friends. "I think we all have a lot to be proud of. We've been working hard this year, and I know we're going to do great in our exams."

Jasmin nodded in agreement. "Definitely. And we have each other's backs, no matter what."

Amber grinned at her friends. "Thanks, guys. You always know how to cheer me up. Let's study together and make sure we crush those exams."

And with that, the three friends headed back to the castle, feeling more motivated than ever to excel in their studies and support each other along the way.

As Lena, Jasmin, and Amber left the duelling arena, they made their way back to the main entrance of Castlehaven. They parted ways as they entered the castle, each heading to their respective house towers to prepare for the exams. Lena and Jasmin made their way up the winding staircase to the Mist Tower, chatting and laughing as they went. They entered the common room, where they found a few other students studying for their exams. Lena and Jasmin settled into a quiet corner and began reviewing their notes, practicing the spells and techniques they had learned in their classes. As the evening wore on, the other students gradually left the common room, leaving Lena and Jasmin alone with their studies. After a few more minutes of practice, Lena and Jasmin made their way up to their dormitory, feeling both nervous and excited about the upcoming exams. As they entered their dormitory, they gazed up at the enchanted ceiling, now displaying a beautiful night sky with a full moon shining brightly amidst a sea of stars.

She gently holds Lena’s hand and leads her to Jasmin's bed where they snuggle up before drifting off to sleep quickly.

Chapter 15: 1st Exams and Start of Summer

Lena and Jasmin woke up early in unison and their eyes meet before both of them smile and start to get up in order to start the day of their first exams at Castlehaven.

They dressed quickly, pulling on their crisp school robes and running a brush through their hair. Lena fumbled with her tie, her fingers trembling slightly. Jasmin noticed and gave her a reassuring smile, but the tension in the room was palpable.

As they exited the Mist Tower and made their way through the castle, they could sense the anxious energy around them. Students hurried past them, clutching their textbooks and muttering to themselves. The normally cheerful castle was filled with a tense silence, broken only by the occasional sound of a nervous cough or the rustling of paper.

When they entered the Great Hall, the atmosphere was even more charged. The room was packed with students, all seated at their respective house tables, their faces reflecting various degrees of nervousness and apprehension. Lena and Jasmin took their seats at the Mist House table, their eyes scanning the crowd.

The clatter of utensils and plates filled the room as the students picked at their breakfast. Lena and Jasmin managed to swallow a few bites, but their stomachs felt tight and queasy. They knew they had to eat something, but it was difficult to muster an appetite with so much at stake. They exchanged worried glances, their minds racing with thoughts of the exams to come.

“We start with Charms right?” She asks Lena as they both stood up to leave the hall.

Lena nodded, her eyes still scanning the crowd as they made their way towards the exit. "Yeah, Charms is first," she said, her voice sounding slightly strained.

As they stepped out of the dining Hall and into the hallway, the tension seemed to intensify. The castle was filled with the sounds of shuffling feet and whispered conversations. Lena and Jasmin made their way to the Charms classroom, their hearts pounding in their chests.

When they arrived, they found that the classroom was already nearly full. They took their seats, trying to remain calm as they waited for the exam to begin. Lena fidgeted with her wand, her mind racing with the countless spells and incantations she had studied.

Professor Mathers finally entered the room, his stern expression sending a wave of nervous energy through the class. He announced the start of the exam and the room fell silent, save for the sound of quills scratching on parchment.

Lena and Jasmin worked diligently through the exam, their minds focused on the task at hand. They tried to shut out the noise of their surroundings and concentrate on the questions in front of them. As the minutes ticked by, the tension in the room seemed to mount. Lena noticed Amber at the front of the room, confidently finishing up her exam and handing it in early with a smile on her face. Lena couldn't help but feel a twinge of jealousy at Amber's apparent ease with the exam.

Finally, Professor Mathers called for the end of the exam, and the students let out a collective sigh of relief. Lena and Jasmin turned in their papers and exited the classroom, the weight of the first exam already starting to lift off their shoulders. They found Amber waiting for them outside the classroom, still wearing a wide grin.

"How did it go for you guys?" Amber asked eagerly.

"I think it went okay," Jasmin replied cautiously.

"I'm not so sure," Lena said, her face falling. "I found some of the questions really difficult."

"Don't worry," Amber said, placing a reassuring hand on Lena's shoulder. "You're smart, Lena. You'll do great."

Lena smiled weakly, grateful for Amber's kind words but still feeling uncertain about how she had done.

They had a break before their next exam. They decided to spend the time studying in the library, reviewing their notes and preparing for the upcoming Potions exam. As they worked, they couldn't help but overhear the whispers and murmurs of the other students around them, all discussing their performance in the previous exam and speculating about what the next one might hold.

Here's a revision incorporating your suggestions:

As the noon hour approached, Lena and Jasmin decided to take a break from studying and grab a quick bite to eat in the courtyard. The sun was shining, and the sky was clear and blue, but Lena and Jasmin couldn't fully enjoy the beautiful day as the stress of the exams weighed heavily on their minds.

"I don't know about you, but I'm starting to feel the effects of all this stress," Lena said, taking a deep breath.

Jasmin nodded, "Yeah, me too. I just keep replaying all the possible questions and answers in my head."

"Let's take a few minutes and just breathe," Lena suggested. "Maybe that'll help calm our nerves."

They sat in silence for a few minutes, taking deep breaths and trying to clear their minds.

"I just keep reminding myself that we've prepared for this, and we know the material," Jasmin said finally. "We just have to stay focused and trust in ourselves."

Lena smiled, "You're right. We've got this."

As the time for the Potions exam drew closer, Lena and Jasmin gathered their things and made their way to the Potions classroom, where they would face Professor Sarb, a notoriously strict and demanding professor. The nerves and tension in the air were palpable, as the students prepared for what was sure to be a challenging and intense exam.

"I can't believe we have to brew a Strength Potion for this exam," Jasmin said, looking over her notes.

"I know," Lena replied. "But we've done it before, and we can do it again. Remember, we need to add the dragon's blood after the fifth stir, not the sixth."

Jasmin nodded, grateful for the reminder. They took their places in the classroom, their hearts pounding as they waited for the exam to begin.

As Lena and Jasmin worked together, their eyes locked in concentration, they could see the silver glow of the potion growing stronger and the vanilla aroma filling the air. They could feel the tension in the room slowly lifting as they approached the final steps of the potion-making process. They carefully added the last ingredients and watched as the mixture turned a vibrant shade of silver and emitted a strong vanilla scent. They shared a smile of relief and satisfaction as they turned in their potion to Professor Sarb.

Meanwhile, Lucas struggled to keep up with the complex instructions of the potion recipe, his hands shaking as he added the wrong ingredients at the wrong time. The smell of burnt herbs filled the air as his potion turned a sickly green color. He knew he had failed the exam, but he still pushed through, determined to finish the potion to the best of his ability.

As the exam came to an end, Lena and Jasmin emerged from the classroom feeling relieved and accomplished, while Lucas looked dejected and defeated. The girls tried to offer him words of encouragement, but he could barely look them in the eye.

Lena and Jasmin commiserated with their friend but tried to lift his spirits by pointing out that Professor Sarb had still given him partial points for the other aspects of the potion. "You did better than you think," Jasmin said, patting him on the back.

Lucas managed a small smile and thanked them for their encouragement. They walked back to the Mist Tower together, discussing the exam and trying to push the stress of the day to the back of their minds.

As Lena, Jasmin, and Lucas settled into the comfortable chairs in the Mist Tower common room, they breathed a collective sigh of relief. The last exam of the day was still ahead of them, but for the moment, they were able to relax and enjoy a few moments of downtime.

Lena and Jasmin took a few deep breaths, trying to calm their nerves before the next exam. Lucas, who had been studying quietly in the corner, looked up and gave them an encouraging smile. They chatted for a few minutes about the previous exams and Lucas's struggles with the Strength Potion, but he seemed to be in better spirits now as he already starts to joke a bit about it.

As Lena, Jasmin, and Lucas made their way to the Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom, they were surprised to see Amber waiting for them outside.

"Hey, Amber," Jasmin said, greeting her friend. "What are you doing here?"

"I wanted to wish you guys good luck," Amber replied with a smile. "And maybe get some good luck in return."

Lena and Jasmin grinned at their friend, happy to see her. They chatted for a few minutes, sharing some last-minute study tips and calming each other's nerves. Lucas, who had been feeling a bit down after his earlier exam, seemed to perk up in the company of his friends.

As they entered the classroom, Lena and Jasmin couldn't help but feel a sense of relief that this was the last exam of the day. Professor Ravenwood, their Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher, greeted them with a stern look.

"Take your seats, and we will begin," he said curtly.

Lena and Jasmin sat down at their desks, feeling the weight of the day's exams lifting off their shoulders. They exchanged a quick smile, feeling confident that they had done their best. Lucas sat down next to Amber, feeling more relaxed now that he was surrounded by his friends.

The exam began, and Lena and Jasmin found themselves answering the questions with ease. They had studied hard for this exam, and it showed. Lucas and Amber also did well, and they felt a sense of pride as they worked through the exam together.

Finally, Professor Ravenwood called for the end of the exam, and the students let out a collective sigh of relief. As they turned in their papers and exited the classroom, Lena, Jasmin, Lucas, and Amber all shared a sense of accomplishment. They had made it through a gruelling day of exams, and they had done it with each other's support and encouragement.

After the exam, Lucas and Amber caught up with each other outside the classroom. Lucas mentioned his struggles in the potion’s exam earlier that day, but Amber reminded him of his strengths in other areas and lifted his spirits. They all left the classroom feeling proud and determined, ready to enjoy the remaining evening.

As the four of them left the classroom, Lucas stole a glance at Amber, a look of admiration in his eyes. Lena and Jasmin, sensing the moment, exchanged knowing smiles and decided to give them some space. They wished their friends a nice evening and headed outside to enjoy the remaining sunlight.

The fresh air and warm sun were a welcome relief after the long day of exams. Lena and Jasmin strolled through the courtyard, their minds still racing with the events of the day. They talked about the exams, the questions they had answered, and the moments that had made them proud.

As they walked through the courtyard, Lena and Jasmin spotted a quiet spot under a large tree, where they could sit and talk in private. They settled themselves down on the grass and continued their conversation, discussing their hopes and fears for the future and reflecting on their journey so far at Castlehaven.

The sun began to dip lower in the sky, casting long shadows across the courtyard. Lena and Jasmin watched as students slowly trickled out of the castle, their exams done for the day. They felt a sense of relief wash over them, knowing that they had one day of exams behind them.

"It's been a tough day," Lena said, looking over at Jasmin. "But we made it through."

Jasmin smiled back at her. "Yeah, we did. And we did it together."

Lena reached over and took Jasmin's hand, their fingers intertwining. They sat in silence for a few moments, enjoying each other's company and the peacefulness of the moment.

They talked about all the memories they’ve already made and how truly magical this place is before watching the sun slowly set on the horizon, holding each other’s hand and whispering encouraging words.

Her arm wrapped around Lena she holds her against her chest and they keep sitting there for a while until the moon was the only thing illuminating the courtyard.

“Let’s head back to the dormitory, ok?” Jasmin asks and Lena nods and smiles before they got on their feet and started to head back inside the castle, talking about if Lucas and Amber are going to get together or not.

They reached the Mist tower and quickly climbed up the stairs and entered the Mist common room.

The room was completely empty and the two girls quickly made their way into their dormitory where they made themselves ready for bed. They walk over to Lena’s bed still holding each other’s hand and lay under the blanket.

“Good night my love.” Lena whispers and moves closer to kiss Jasmin for the night who eagerly moves in as well and smiles as they break apart.

“Good night Sweetie.” Jasmin replies quietly whispering in her soft voice. They both snuggle up close and fall asleep quickly.

Chapter 16: Summer

As Lena and Jasmin wake up early in the morning to the Sun rising over the trees of the nearby forest of Castlehaven, Lena gets up first and stretches her arms, feeling the warmth of the sunlight on her face. She turns to Jasmin, who is slowly waking up, rubbing her eyes.

"Good morning," Lena says with a smile. "Are you ready for another day of classes?"

Jasmin nods and yawns. "I guess so. What do we have today?"

Lena glances at their class schedule, which is pinned to the wall next to their beds. "Let's see... we have Charms, and... oh, a new class called Magical Ethics and Regulations."

Jasmin raises an eyebrow, intrigued. "Magical Ethics and Regulations? That sounds interesting. What do you think it's about?"

Lena shrugs. "I'm not sure. Maybe it's about the rules we need to follow when using magic? It could be important, considering how powerful some spells can be."

The girls get ready for their day, discussing their thoughts on the new class and wondering what they'll learn. As they make their way to breakfast, they meet up with Lucas and Amaia at the mist table.

As Lena, Jasmin, Lucas, and Amaia finish their breakfast, they chat about their classes and other topics. Amaia shares her excitement about an upcoming Herbology project, while Lucas talks about the upcoming Magical Laws class.

"Anyway, we should probably head to Charms now," Lena suggests, glancing at the time.

Amaia nods. "You go ahead. I have Herbology this morning. We're studying some really fascinating magical plants."

"Sounds interesting," Jasmin says, smiling at Amaia. "We'll see you later, then."

The three friends – Lena, Jasmin, and Lucas – say their goodbyes to Amaia and make their way towards the Charms classroom. On the way, they run into Amber, who's looking a little flustered.

"Hey, Amber!" Lucas calls out, waving her over. "What's up?"

Amber sighs. "I overslept and missed breakfast. I hope I'm not late for Charms."

"Don't worry, we're just heading there now. You can join us," Lena offers.

As the group of four continues towards the Charms classroom, they engage in light conversation, discussing their favourite spells and what they expect from the Magical Ethics and Regulations class later that day.

Lena, Jasmin, Lucas, and Amber walked into the Charms classroom, finding their seats among the other students. The room was filled with a cheerful atmosphere, as students chatted excitedly about the new charm they were about to learn. The walls were adorned with colourful diagrams of wand movements and incantations, and several floating objects hovered around the room, demonstrating the power of various charms.

Professor Mathers stood at the front of the classroom, his piercing grey eyes scanning the room as he waited for the students to settle down. Once they were seated and quiet, he began the lesson.

"Good morning, students," Professor Mathers said with a warm smile. "Today, we will be learning a very useful charm, Gravitas Levitas. This charm allows you to manipulate the weight of an object, making it lighter or heavier."

He held up a heavy-looking book and flicked his wand, uttering the incantation, "Gravitas Levitas!" The book seemed to become weightless as it floated gently in the air, and then, with another flick of his wand, it dropped back to the table with a loud thud.

"Now, let's give it a try," Professor Mathers instructed, his voice gentle yet authoritative. "Pair up and practice the charm on the objects in front of you. Remember, the incantation is 'Gravitas Levitas,' and the wand movement is a smooth, upwards curve followed by a sharp downward flick."

Lena and Jasmin paired up, while Lucas and Amber did the same. They practiced the charm on various objects, such as quills, inkwells, and even their own bags. At first, they struggled to control the charm's effect, with objects either becoming too light or too heavy, causing laughter and amusement among the students.

As the lesson progressed, however, the students began to get the hang of the charm. Lena and Jasmin exchanged excited glances as they successfully made a stack of books as light as a feather, while Lucas and Amber high-fived each other after making a small inkwell heavy enough that it could hardly be lifted.

Throughout the lesson, Professor Mathers walked around the classroom, offering guidance and praise where needed. His gentle encouragement and insightful tips helped the students to refine their technique and better understand the nuances of the charm.

By the end of the lesson, the students had made significant progress in mastering the Gravitas Levitas charm. They left the classroom buzzing with excitement and satisfaction, eager to practice their newfound skill outside of class.

As Lena, Jasmin, Lucas, and Amber walked to their next class, they discussed the various practical applications of the Gravitas Levitas charm, such as making heavy bags easier to carry, or adding weight to an object for increased stability. The charm had opened up a whole new world of possibilities for them, and they couldn't wait to explore it further. As they made their way through the castle's winding corridors, they couldn't help but feel a sense of anticipation for their next class, Magical Ethics and Regulations.

The four friends walked side by side, their curiosity about the new class growing with every step. Lena mentioned how she thought it might be about the rules and limitations of using magic, while Amber speculated that it could also delve into the history of magical laws and their development over time.

As they approached the classroom, they noticed that it was located in a part of the castle they hadn't explored before. The corridor was dimly lit, with old portraits lining the walls, their subjects observing the students with a mixture of curiosity and disapproval.

The door to the Magical Ethics and Regulations classroom stood slightly ajar, revealing only a sliver of the room within. The friends exchanged excited glances, their curiosity piqued, as they stepped forward to enter the classroom they are immediately struck by its unique design.

The classroom is designed to resemble a courtroom, with a raised platform at the front where the professor will stand, exuding an air of authority. To the side, a witness stand patiently awaits the opportunity to host students who will be called upon during discussions or mock trials. Rows of wooden benches are arranged in a semi-circle facing the platform, providing seating for the students and encouraging them to pay close attention to the day's lesson.

The walls of the classroom are adorned with a series of enchanted murals that depict significant moments in magical legal history, from the establishment of the first magical courts to landmark cases that have shaped the course of magical jurisprudence. The room is illuminated by floating orbs of light that cast a soft, golden glow, creating a serene atmosphere.

As the four friends take their seats, they can't help but marvel at the various magical instruments and artifacts displayed in glass cases around the room. These items, which have been confiscated or used as evidence in famous cases, serve as a constant reminder of the importance of understanding and adhering to the principles of magical law and ethics.

As almost all students have settled into their seats, the door to the classroom opens, and in walks Professor Eleanor Whitmore. She is an elegant, poised woman with long, flowing white hair that cascades down her back like a waterfall of silk. Her piercing blue eyes scan the room, instilling a sense of confidence and authority in her presence. She is dressed in a well-tailored, deep blue robe that accentuates her tall, slender figure. A warm smile graces her lips, reflecting her friendly and approachable nature.

As she strides to the front of the class, the students can't help but be captivated by the air of pride and self-assurance that surrounds her. With a gentle wave of her hand, she conjures a piece of chalk that begins to write on the blackboard behind her, outlining the topics to be covered in today's lesson. Professor Whitmore then turns to face the class, her eyes filled with both wisdom and determination, as she prepares to impart her knowledge of Magical Ethics and Regulations to the eager students before her.

As the class settles down, Professor Whitmore begins the lesson with an overview of the importance of understanding magical ethics and regulations. She explains that the responsible use of magic is essential to maintaining balance and harmony in their world.

"Today, we'll be discussing the history of magical laws and regulations," she announces. "Throughout history, various events have shaped the legal framework we follow today. It's crucial to understand the past to appreciate the significance of these laws."

She uses her wand to project images onto the blackboard, showing a timeline of important events in the development of magical laws. The students listen intently as she describes the critical turning points that led to the establishment of the current legal system.

"Now, let's talk about magical consent," Professor Whitmore continues. "When casting spells on others, it's crucial to obtain their consent, as violating someone's autonomy can lead to severe consequences."

She encourages the students to engage in a lively discussion about the importance of consent, sharing their opinions and experiences with spells that involve other people.

For the remainder of the lesson, Professor Whitmore briefly touches upon the topics of forbidden spells and dark magic, emphasizing their dangers and consequences. She also discusses the appropriate use of magic for self-defense and the legal limitations that govern its use.

As the class comes to an end, she assigns the students a short essay on the ethical considerations of using a specific spell of their choice, which will be due in their next class.

Throughout the lesson, Professor Whitmore successfully manages to create an engaging and interactive learning environment, ensuring that the students have a solid understanding of the fundamental concepts of magical ethics and regulations.

Upon leaving the class, Lena and Jasmin have different reactions to the material covered. Lena is excited and inspired, eager to delve deeper into the ethical dilemmas presented in the class. She believes that understanding the nuances of magical ethics will make her a more responsible witch. Jasmin, while appreciative of the importance of the subject, finds it a bit dry and prefers the more practical aspects of magical study. However, she acknowledges the value of the class and commits to giving it her best effort.

“I fully agree with you.” Amber says and Lucas nods while pointing out that they now have to write a useless essay.

As they continue their conversation, Lena can't help but feel a bit hurt by Amber and Lucas's seemingly careless attitude towards the importance of the Magical Ethics and Regulations class. Jasmin notices Lena's disappointment and quickly steps in to comfort her.

"Hey Lena, I can tell you're really passionate about this," Jasmin says, putting a supportive hand on Lena's shoulder. "Why don't we go to the library later and work on our essays together? I think it's important to understand the ethics behind our magic, and I want to show you that I'm taking this seriously too."

Lena looks at Jasmin with gratitude, her spirits lifting at her friend's offer. "That would be great, Jasmin. Thank you."

Amber and Lucas exchange glances, understanding that they might have been a bit too dismissive earlier. "We'll pass on the library for now," Amber says, "but we'll make sure to give the essay the attention it deserves." She grabs Lucas and they walk towards the staircase.

Lena's eyes shine with appreciation as she watches Amber and Lucas walk away. She turns to Jasmin and gives her a warm smile. "I can't tell you how much your support means to me, Jasmin."

Jasmin grins back, her eyes sparkling with affection. "Of course, Lena. We're in this together, after all."

As the two girls take an alternate route to the library, they find themselves walking through a picturesque courtyard, filled with vibrant flowers and the soft chirping of birds.

As the sun begins its slow descent towards the horizon, casting a warm, golden glow across the courtyard, Lena and Jasmin take a moment to appreciate their surroundings. The beauty of the scene is made all the more special by the strong connection they share, born from the experiences and challenges they have faced together. Their bond is unbreakable, a testament to the depth of their love and friendship.

As they walk through the courtyard hand in hand, the world around them seems to fade away, leaving only the two of them, basking in the warmth of their unbreakable connection. The late afternoon sun casts long shadows on the ground, creating an enchanting atmosphere that seems to deepen their feelings for one another.

Upon reaching the library, they find a cozy corner to work on their essays. As they write, their hands occasionally brush against one another, and their eyes meet, sharing a smile full of understanding and affection. It's in these quiet moments that their bond truly shines, a beautiful reminder of the strength they find in each other's presence.

As the sun dips lower in the sky and the library's soft, warm light takes over, Lena and Jasmin find comfort in each other's company while working on their essays. Their connection, built on trust and friendship, gives them a sense of security and belonging.

Focusing on their essays, Jasmin writes about the importance of obtaining consent before using healing spells, even when the intentions are good. She delves into the ethical implications of performing such magic without the express permission of the person being healed.

Meanwhile, Lena discusses the non-consent situation of the disarming charm, Expelliarmus. She examines the instances in which the spell is used without the target's consent and the potential consequences of casting it in different scenarios. Through their essays, they explore the nuances of magical ethics and the responsibility that comes with wielding such power.

As they write, the two friends occasionally exchange ideas and share their thoughts, deepening their understanding of the subject matter and strengthening their bond in the process.

As Lena and Jasmin continue writing their essays, they take a moment to pause and appreciate the time they're spending together. Jasmin smiles at Lena and says, "You know, I'm really glad we're doing this together. It makes the whole process more enjoyable."

Lena returns the smile, her eyes lighting up. "I agree. It's so much better when we can share our thoughts and support each other."

Jasmin nods. "Definitely. And, Lena, I just want you to know that I'll always be here for you, no matter what. We're a team, and we'll face anything that comes our way together."

Lena reaches out and squeezes Jasmin's hand in appreciation. "Thank you, Jasmin. I feel the same way about you. We've been through so much together, and I couldn't ask for a better friend. You're like a sister to me."

Jasmin's eyes sparkle with affection, and she smiles warmly at Lena. "I feel the same way," she says softly. In that moment, their connection feels stronger than ever. They lean in, their foreheads touching, and exchange a soft, warm kiss, a symbol of the deep bond they share. As they pull away, they look into each other's eyes, knowing that what they share with each other is truly special and that they really can count on each other.

After a while, they finish their essays and decide to head to the dining hall for dinner and enjoy a hearty meal with their classmates.

As they sit down, Amaia joins them, excitedly talking about her latest Herbology project. "You won't believe it," she says, "I've been working with a plant called Luminis Noxflora. It's really fascinating! During the day, it appears to be just an ordinary plant with dark green leaves. But at night, the leaves glow with an ethereal, silver light. Some say it's capable of absorbing moonlight and releasing it in complete darkness."

Lena, Jasmin, and the others listen intently, curious about Amaia's mysterious plant and the wonders of the magical world they're discovering together.

Once they've eaten, Lena suggests they go outside to enjoy the evening air and relax after their long day of classes.

Jasmin agrees, and they step outside together, walking side by side under the stars, cherishing their bond and the magical world they inhabit.

As Lena and Jasmin walk side by side under the stars, Jasmin takes a deep breath, gathering the courage to address the incident that's been lingering in her mind. "Lena," she begins hesitantly, "I've been meaning to talk to you about something... about what happened on your birthday."

Lena looks at her friend, her eyes filled with concern. "What about it, Jasmin?"

Jasmin pauses for a moment before continuing. "I still can't wrap my head around it, Lena. I... I died, and somehow you brought me back to life. I don't know how to thank you or even begin to understand how you did it. Can you... can you explain what happened?"

Lena's expression turns thoughtful as she searches for the right words. "Honestly, Jasmin, I can't really explain it myself. It all happened so fast, and I just... I couldn't bear the thought of losing you. I didn't think; I just acted on instinct. I'm not sure how I did it, but I'm just grateful that it worked and that you're here with me now."

Jasmin's eyes fill with understanding and love as she takes Lena's hand. "I'm so grateful too, Lena. And I want you to know that I'll always be here for you, just as you've always been there for me." They share a warm embrace, their bond stronger than ever after the extraordinary experience they've been through together.

After a moment, they break apart, both smiling softly. They make their way back inside the castle and head towards the Mist Tower. As they enter the common room, they see Lucas, who looks up from his book and gives them a friendly smile. "Hey, you two. Have a good night."

"Good night, Lucas," Lena and Jasmin reply in unison, returning his smile. They continue on to their dormitory, their hearts full of gratitude for the powerful connection they share and the magical world that has brought them together.

They quickly switch into their pyjamas and lay down into Lena’s Bed which was particularly nice illuminated by the moonshine. Laying there side by side they wish each other a good night of sleep and cuddle under the blanked before each of them enters their own dream.

In her dream, Lena relives the events of her birthday, feeling the happiness and excitement of the celebration before it turns into a nightmare. She sees Jasmin tumbling after getting her to safety, her body falling over the edge towards the ground. The vividness of the dream overwhelms her, and she wakes up with a start, her heart pounding and her breathing rapid.

Jasmin, who is sharing the bed with Lena, feels her sudden movement and realizes that she's having a nightmare. She quickly wakes up and wraps her arms around Lena, providing comfort. "It's okay, Lena. I'm here," Jasmin whispers softly. Lena's breathing gradually slows down, and she leans into Jasmin's embrace, grateful for her presence and the reassurance that the nightmare was just a dream.

Chapter 17: Encounters in the forest

Lena and Jasmin slowly woke up in their shared bed, feeling the warmth of the morning sun filtering through the window. They both stretched and yawned, feeling well-rested after a good night's sleep. Jasmin reached over to her nightstand and picked up a piece of parchment with the class schedule for the day. "Magical creatures class," she said, reading the schedule out loud. "Looks like we get to spend the day outside again." Lena smiled in agreement, feeling excited at the prospect of spending more time in the fresh air and sunshine. They quickly got dressed and made their way to the dining hall for breakfast. As they entered the bustling hall, they couldn’t see any familiar faces on the Mist table. Amber was on the Earth table next to her sister Ivy, and Rachel was just a couple of places to the right of them.

They spotted a free space big enough for both of them on the Mist table and enjoyed a hearty breakfast of fluffy pancakes, sizzling bacon, and fresh fruit. They quickly finished eating and left the dining hall to meet up with Amber, who was already making her way out.

They made their way over to Amber and Lucas in front of the castle and greeted their friends with warm hugs. The group excitedly discussed their recent Magical Ethics and Regulation essays and speculated about what they might learn in the upcoming Magical Creatures class. "I heard we might be studying Forest Fae today," Lucas mentioned, eyes gleaming with curiosity.

They made their way over the stone path along with other students in their class. As they reached the start of the Enchanted Forest, some students hesitated before entering, perhaps due to the rumours of magical creatures lurking within. But Lena, Jasmin, Amber, and Lucas continued confidently, excited for the day ahead.

As the four friends made their way through the forest, they reached the Magical Creatures building, a large stone structure with carved gargoyles guarding the entrance. They walked through the hallway, feeling a sense of wonder as they passed by cages of creatures they had never seen before some with shimmering feathers, others with scales that changed colours before their eyes.

Inside was a patch of grass on which the students started to settle down. Lena looked around with intrigue, her eyes scanning every inch of the room. She noticed a massive dragon statue hanging in the air above them. Its iridescent scales seemed to ripple with color, shifting from deep emerald to radiant gold and then to a mesmerizing azure. The dragon's eyes were made of shimmering opals, giving it an air of wisdom and mystery.

A door on their left opened, and a short woman with strong arms walked into the room with the students. "Hello, and welcome to the wonderful class of Magical Creatures here at Castlehaven," she announced with a warm smile. "I am Professor Silvia Witrik, your teacher for this year. Today, we'll embark on a fascinating journey to explore the incredible world of magical creatures. Are you ready?"

Professor Witrik began the lesson by introducing the students to the Sun Bear, a large, majestic creature with fur that glowed like the sun. The students marvelled at the Sun Bear's radiant coat, learning that Sun Fur was a key ingredient in potions that granted increased physical strength and endurance.

Next, the class learned about the Thunder Beak, a large bird with bright yellow feathers and a massive beak that crackles with electricity. Professor Witrik explained how the Thunder Beak's feathers were valuable components in enchantments that harnessed the power of storms and lightning.

As the lecture continued, Lena and Jasmin exchanged knowing glances when Professor Witrik introduced the Forest Fae, tiny beings with delicate, iridescent wings. They remembered their own encounter with these creatures and how Fae Dust, collected from their wings, could be used to create potions that boosted one's connection to nature and plants. But are also a key ingredient in Transmorphing rituals. Which causes quite some whispering under the students and Lena and Jasmin also exchanged an understanding glance at each other.

The Mustang, a powerful and majestic horse, was the next magical creature presented. The students learned that its hair was sought after for its properties of enhancing speed and agility, often used in both potions and enchantments.

When Professor Witrik mentioned the Mooncat, Lena and Jasmin shared another secret smile, recalling their interaction with the mysterious feline creature. The class learned about the silky, moonlit hair that shimmered like the night sky, and how it was often used for potions that enhanced intuition and psychic abilities.

As the class progressed, Professor Witrik introduced the students to the Trickster Monkey, Wyvern, and the mighty Dragon. Each creature had its unique traits and magical components, valuable in various aspects of magical study, from alchemy to enchanting and potions.

Throughout the lesson, Lena and Jasmin were captivated by the wonders of the magical creatures, taking notes and whispering excitedly to each other about the possibilities these new ingredients offered. The bond between them seemed to deepen even further as they shared this incredible learning experience, their love and trust for one another evident in their interactions.

As the class concluded, Professor Witrik reminded the students to treat all magical creatures with respect and care, emphasizing the importance of ethical practices when using their components for magical purposes.

As the Magical Creatures class came to an end, Lena, Jasmin, Amber, and Lucas left the classroom, their minds abuzz with newfound knowledge and excitement about the magical world that surrounded them. Unbeknownst to their friends, Lena and Jasmin shared a secret: their ability to transform into an Ember Fox and an Icy Fox, which they had yet to reveal.

During the class, Professor Witrik had briefly mentioned the concept of transmorphing, piquing Lucas's curiosity. As they walked away from the classroom, he couldn't stop talking about it. "Can you imagine being able to transform into a magical creature? I'd love to learn more about transmorphing!" he said, his eyes gleaming with enthusiasm.

Lena and Jasmin exchanged a glance, their shared secret momentarily threatened, but they remained silent. Amber, on the other hand, looked concerned. "I don't know, Lucas. Transmorphing sounds incredibly dangerous. I'm not sure it's something we should be getting involved with," she cautioned, her voice hesitant.

Lucas, however, remained undeterred. "I understand the risks, Amber, but think about the possibilities! It could open up a whole new world of magic and exploration," he argued, his excitement barely contained.

As they continued their conversation, Lena and Jasmin felt a renewed sense of the importance and rarity of their shared secret. The bond between them grew even stronger as they silently vowed to protect their unique abilities from others, while also cherishing the trust and love that had allowed them to confide in each other.

After the Magical Creatures class, Amber and Lucas decided to head back to the castle while Lena and Jasmin chose to spend some more time in the enchanted forest, taking in its beauty and enjoying the serenity of the lake.

As they sat by the water, Lena and Jasmin began to discuss their transmorphing abilities in hushed tones, considering the implications of their unique powers and the importance of keeping them a secret. They revealed in the trust and love they shared, which made them feel even closer as friends.

After some time, they realized that the other students had long since left the forest, and they decided it was time to head back to the castle as well. As they walked along the path, deep in conversation, they were unaware of the danger lurking nearby.

Dante had been nursing a grudge against Jasmin ever since she had broken his nose during their encounter at the old tree. He had also recently lost the duelling competition finals against Rachel and Daniel, who had helped teach Lena and Jasmin to their own victory. His anger and bitterness had reached a boiling point, and he was eager for an opportunity to take it out on the two first-year students.

As Lena and Jasmin made their way out of the forest, Dante spotted them, his eyes narrowing with malicious intent. He decided to ambush them, using his superior magical knowledge to his advantage. He stealthily moved closer, casting a spell to obscure his presence, and waited for the perfect moment to strike.

Lena and Jasmin, still engrossed in their conversation, had no idea what was about to happen. As they rounded a bend in the path, Dante sprang from the shadows, Lena and Jasmin had no time to react. Instead of speaking, Dante launched a powerful spell at them, his face contorted with rage. Instinctively, Lena jumped in front of Jasmin, shielding her from the brunt of the attack. The force of the spell sent Lena flying several feet away, leaving her momentarily dazed and vulnerable.

Dante sneered at the scene before him. "How pathetic," he spat. "Instead of properly defending yourself, you just threw yourself into the line of fire. You're even more foolish than I thought."

Seeing Lena hurt and defenseless, something inside Jasmin ignited. Rage and determination coursed through her veins as she raised her wand, casting a series of fireballs and explosive charms at Dante with remarkable precision and strength. The sudden onslaught of powerful spells took Dante by surprise, forcing him to focus on deflecting the magical attacks.

Meanwhile, Lena slowly regained her strength, the pain and anger fuelling her transformation. She morphed into a massive Ember Fox, her fur engulfed in flames. Filled with fury and a desire to protect Jasmin, she lunged at Dante from the side, catching him completely off guard.

Dante, now faced with the sight of an enormous, enraged Ember Fox, realized he had underestimated the two first-year students. Fear and panic set in as he scrambled to escape. Lena, still in her Ember Fox form, growled aggressively and chased him for a few feet, ensuring he wouldn't return for another attack.

Jasmin, her heart still racing from the confrontation, hurried over to Lena. As she approached, Lena's flames subsided, and her fur returned to its normal state. Jasmin gently stroked Lena's soft fur, offering comfort and reassurance. Lena looked up at Jasmin, her eyes filled with gratitude and affection, and enjoyed the gentle touch of her best friend.

Moments later, Lena transformed back into her human form, and the two girls embraced tightly, their bond stronger than ever. Lena, however, couldn't shake the fear that had taken hold of her after revealing her Ember Fox form during the confrontation with Dante. Sensing her friend's unease, Jasmin comforted her, assuring her that they would find answers together.

With hands clasped, they made their way to the castle, intent on seeking guidance from Professor Eleanor Whitmore, the teacher of Magical Ethics and Regulations. They hoped she could provide more information on the rules and regulations surrounding transmorphing.

Upon arriving at Professor Whitmore's office, the girls hesitantly explained their concerns. The professor, who was known for her keen intuition, sensed that Lena and Jasmin were more involved in the matter than they let on. She suspected that at least one of them had already learned to transmorph and perhaps had done something that involved using this ability.

With a hint of surprise, Professor Whitmore asked the girls, "Can you two actually transmorph into animals?"

Lena and Jasmin exchanged glances before deciding to tell the truth. "Yes, we can," Lena admitted. "We discovered our abilities recently and have been practicing."

"Really? That's quite impressive," Professor Whitmore said, her eyes widening. "While transmorphing is a relatively common magical skill, it isn't specifically taught at Castlehaven. Nevertheless, it's a fascinating and powerful ability to possess."

The girls, feeling a bit more at ease, carefully inquired about the legal implications of using transmorphing to defend themselves. Professor Whitmore reassured them, "Using your abilities for self-defense is perfectly acceptable, especially for young students like yourselves."

She did point out, however, that the two were duelling champions of their year. Lena and Jasmin replied that while that was true, facing a 6th year student wasn't a fair match. They didn't want to mention Dante specifically, fearing that it could lead to more trouble with him.

Professor Whitmore advised them to exercise caution and restraint when using their transmorphing abilities. She went on to explain that most students have trouble mastering transmorphing, as it tends to be easier for those who are younger and have a deep love for animals and nature.

Lena and Jasmin thanked the professor for her guidance and advice. As they left her office, they felt reassured and more confident in their abilities. With the knowledge that Dante couldn't do much against them legally, they headed towards the dining hall.

On their way to the dining hall, Lena and Jasmin chatted about the incident with Dante. "And you are really fine?" Jasmin asked Lena, her eyes filled with concern.

Lena smiled reassuringly, "Yes, Jas, I'm okay. It was scary, but we managed to get through it together. Besides, I feel even more confident now that we've talked to Professor Whitmore."

As they entered the dining hall, they found it less crowded than usual since they were arriving for a late lunch. Their friends Amber and Lucas were sitting at a smaller round table, working on their Magical Ethics and Regulations essays.

"Hey, you two," Amber called out, waving them over. "Join us! We're just working on our essays. How was the rest of your day?"

Lena and Jasmin exchanged glances before Lena replied, "It was... interesting. But we're okay now."

Amber and Lucas nodded, accepting their friends' vague response, and made room for Lena and Jasmin to sit down. Lena and Jasmin had already finished their essays, so they chatted with Amber and Lucas while the others continued working.

As they were eating, Ivy, Amber's older sister, passed by their table. She had just finished her own lunch and was heading out. "Hey, Amber, just wanted to wish you and your friends a nice rest of the day," she said with a warm smile.

"Thanks, Ivy!" Amber replied, returning her sister's smile. "You too!"

Once Ivy had left, Lucas looked up from his essay and asked, "By the way, what's our next class?"

Jasmin, with a glint of excitement in her eyes, quickly responded, "It's Divination!"

Lena looked surprised that she knew the schedule so well, especially considering the class was Divination. "Wow, I didn't expect you to remember that, Jasmin," she said with a teasing grin.

Jasmin blushed slightly but couldn't hide her enthusiasm. "Well, ever since we learned so much about each other and ourselves last time, I've found the class really interesting," she admitted, glancing lovingly at her.

As they finished their lunch, Lucas couldn't help but glance at Amber, who was smiling at Lena and Jasmin as they chatted excitedly about the upcoming class. Feeling a little envious of their close relationship, Lucas tried to subtly hint at his own feelings by saying, "Amber, don't you think Lena and Jasmin look really cute together? Sometimes I can't help but wonder if people see us like that too."

Amber chuckled and replied, "They sure do, Lucas. It's heart-warming to see them so happy." She gave him a friendly bump with her shoulder and made brief, shy eye contact before looking away, not fully aware of the true meaning behind his words, or perhaps trying to hide her own feelings. "We should probably head to class, don't want to be late!"

Lucas grinned, trying to play it cool while cherishing the brief moment of closeness with Amber. The group gathered their belongings and made their way to the Divination classroom. They found their seats and eagerly awaited the lesson.

In their Divination class, Lena and Jasmin learn about palmistry, the art of reading palms to predict the past, present, and future. Professor Willow begins the lesson by explaining the significance of the major lines on the hand, such as the Life Line, Heart Line, and Head Line. She also touches on the importance of the shape of the hand and the length of the fingers.

She decides to use a student's hand as an example to demonstrate how to read the lines. She asks Jasmin to come forward and show her hand. Upon inspecting Jasmin's palm, the professor's expression turns to one of surprise and concern as she notices the interruption in Jasmin's Life Line and Heart Line.

Gently lowering Jasmin's hand, Professor Willow looks into her eyes with a warm, yet concerned expression. "Jasmin, if there's ever anything you'd like to talk about, please know that I'm here for you," she says softly, giving Jasmin's hand a reassuring pat.

Jasmin, feeling a bit confused but appreciating the professor's concern, nods and returns to her seat. Not wanting to dwell on the interrupted lines, Professor Willow then turns her attention to Lucas. "Lucas, would you mind coming forward so I can use your hand for the demonstration?" she asks, trying to move the attention quickly away from Jasmin’s somehow abnormal palm lines.

As Lucas approached the front of the classroom and extended his hand, Professor Willow began to analyse the lines on his palm. She explained each line to the class as she went along.

"Lucas has a well-defined Head Line," Professor Willow said, tracing the line with her finger. "It shows that he has a strong intellect, but it's not without its challenges. It tells us that he has faced some difficulties in his past, such as being separated from a close friend and experiencing setbacks.” She stops shortly and smiles softly, “Hopefully not in the exams."

Which makes Lucas laugh a little, “just one slip out in potions.” He confesses and Professor Willow grins, “Happened to me once as well, but we learn from our mistakes.”

Moving on to his Heart Line, she continued, "Lucas's Heart Line is quite prominent, indicating strong emotions and feelings. It seems that in the present, his feelings for someone special are growing stronger every day." She glanced at Lucas with a knowing smile, careful not to reveal too much in front of the class. "Let's hope that these feelings are reciprocated and bring happiness to both parties involved."

Lastly, Professor Willow examined Lucas's Fate Line, which appeared faint and difficult to discern. "Lucas's Fate Line is quite weak, suggesting that his future may be largely influenced by his own choices and actions. However, there is a glimmer of hope." She pointed out a small area where the line seemed to be just forming. "This could indicate that if his strong feelings are returned, his fate may become clearer, and his future will begin to manifest more vividly in his hands."

With the analysis complete, Lucas returned to his seat, feeling a mix of excitement and uncertainty about what the future might hold. Professor Willow then instructed the class to form small groups or pairs and practice reading each other's palms. The students eagerly followed her instructions, discussing their findings with one another.

Lena and Jasmin paired up, and Lena carefully examined Jasmin's palm. They discussed the interrupted Life Line and Heart Line, speculating that it might have something to do with her fall and subsequent return to life. They became more certain that these breaks in Jasmin's lines were related to the events at the waterfall on Lena's birthday, where Jasmin fell down the cliffs while trying to save Lena. They noticed new lines branching from the side, merging with Jasmin's lines, and wondered if it represented Lena's life force being shared with Jasmin.

As they continue reading each other's palms, they find similarities in their past and present, reflecting the shared experiences they've had together. They also discuss the possibilities for their future, noticing the well-defined Fate Line on both of their palms, hinting at a mysterious yet bright future that might involve Dante seeking their help and the strong bond they share.

Lena's palm shows a faint line branching from her Life Line towards her Head Line, suggesting possible challenges in her future, such as the burden of her nightmares and potential consequences of the ritual she performed to save Jasmin. They discuss these possibilities, keeping the discussion somewhat vague and uncertain, as the future is always subject to change.

As the class continues, Lena and Jasmin ponder the meaning of their intertwined palm lines and what it could mean for their future together, leaving them with a sense of wonder and curiosity about the power of love and their unbreakable bond. The certainty that Jasmin's interrupted lines are connected to the events at the waterfall adds depth to their understanding of their connection and the impact of that fateful day on their lives.